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Abandoned Kwaka GPX 250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bulby, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. There's a Kawasaki GPX 250 that's always just outside of the apartment somewhere in Southbank. Looks like it's been sitting there untouched for yonks. I first nosticed it sometime last year. Since then, it's always been on the exact same spot, collecting spider webs and dust and other craps.

    Has anyone else noticed this bike?

  2. There's a big Kwaka at the end of my street, in a carport, Its been there for years, The owner is too busy to ride it, Its covered in spiders and webs, hahahaha
  3. Probably not the best idea advertising it's location & the fact that it goes unchecked.
  4. ......
  5. You're making this way too tempting to go down and get me some parts for my crashed-up gpx :p

    But honestly, I suggest removing the exact address before someone actually does.
  6. Shouldn't this be in the 'free to a good home' section?
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  7. Theres an abandoned chinese scooter in woolloomooloo as well.
  8. Never thought of that. Bad bulby!

    Thanks for reminding me, guys :)
  9. Wonder if it works like lost cash/jewelry? Put it on a trailer, take it to the local cop shop and tell them how you found a lost gpx. If no one claims it in a few weeks... :)

    Alternatively, doorknock the apartment complex with $100 in you hand.

    There was an old 60s/70s honda twin parked under a rotting tarp on the road not far from where I used to live in St Lucia. Storm debris was piled up around the rims. The only change in the three years I was there was that the tarp shifted (when I had a peek under it). I still think about going back and offering a box of beer for it.
  10. Contact the local council and report a suspected abandoned vehicle (have the rego number handy as the first thing they'll do is check if it's stolen).

    They'll try to locate the owner and put a sticker on it stating it will be towed and auctioned off if not moved or the owner located within a few days.

    They'll then tow it away and in a few weeks put it up at public auction unless the owner appears and pays the towing and storage fees.
  11. Its a bit of a worry if its that easy to get it towed. What if the owner hasn't updated thier personal details with road servises ?(likely if it hasn't been registered for a while? It would be easy to miss a sticker that appeared one day, and potentially lose your bike.

    Unless its actually obstructing the OP while he/she goes about their business, I see no justification in calling in the council and potenially causing someone to be deprived of their property.
  12. Nah, the bike's not in anyone's way. Just sitting there turning into quite a fixture. I just thought it's quite odd, that's all :p
  13. _That there is the sign of a good neighborhood!

    gpx250 dont go to bad for a 250
  14. There's a LAMs bike that's been untouched for over 9months in our secure parking lot that I'm tempted to do exactly the same for... It's still has it's plates so not sure if someone is paying for the rego and waiting to get their license back, or whether it's going to fall out of rego soon.

    I'd love a little project to learn on, but don't have a secure area at my place to work on it, so would need to factor in the hassle of having it towed elsewhere.. plus the potential damage to the engine of not having been turned on for so long that I have not even researched about as yet...

    ETA: and the fact even if I DID find the owner... potentially they would tell me to fark off and stop eyeing their bike off.
  15. On the street or in the apartment complex grounds?

    It is odd. An old GPX would be incredibly easy to unload, and has no project value so not worth hanging on to. I like to look out for things like that, but usually my thoughts concern how they could be mine...
  16. Which costs you nothing. On the other hand, they might be willing to let you have it for the equivalent of a sack of toads. A mate of mine got his first car that way (for a case of bundy cans, no toads involved).
  17. There has been a shitty beat up marone laser in my street for what must be a year without plates. It's quite annoying as it is hard for visitors to find parking and this is one spot. I saw numerous council stickers on it that got torn off and one day a police officer inspecting it. Just last week it dissapeared and what do you know there is an equally shitty silver laser without plates is in its place.
  18. My mate out the back of beyond in WA years ago,
    Seen this bike in a chook house, with chooks all over it,
    Can I buy the bike, No said the Farmer, My chooks roost on it,

    But if you build me a new chook roost, you can HAVE the bike,

    A few bits of wood nailed together and the Farmer has his new chook roost, and my mate has his bike, a bit of fuel and a carby cleanout, pump the tyres,

    Win, Win, For both.

    He rides away on a 1200 Black Shadow Vincent, Lucky Bastard,
  19. If it was one of these in my carpark rather than a LAMs bike you bet I'd be trying all tricks in the book to get it for cheap!!

    FWIW the bike I'm referring too is in an underground secure carpark...so no weather damage for the length of time it's been sitting there, but being the newb that I am, I'm not a best judge on how crappy and worn the rest of the bits are on it.
  20. So someone needs to swap the gpx250 with a chook roost and see if the owner notices.