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VIC Abandoned Honda CBR600

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by kma_jg, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Have seen red CBR600 parked on the same spots now for a while in Collins street, Melb.
    Cobwebs on the bike where it wouldn't be if anybody rode it.

    Just wondering if I should report this to the police or not?
    Don't want to give exact position in case somebody watching here thinks it's a freeby

  2. ... I need a 17" front wheel assembly :rofl: ....
  3. Awesome, been looking for a track bike :p
  4. spiders are fast bastards, they can spin a web overnight if they're left alone.
    i'd report it, could be stolen and dumped
  5. Do they have any parking tickets?
  6. Reckon I know the same one...

    There's also a hyo 250 or ninja 250 from memory that's been in the one spot near by for well over a year that hasn't moved an inch, still has its weather cover on it and giant cable / loop lock around the rear wheel...
  7. Could be a bomb, I'd report it
  8. nah he's waiting for parts ;P
  9. I'd report it. The Police will be able to look up the license plate number to find the owner. They can then contact them to ensure all is good.

  10. you can check whether its reported stolen on the vicroads website, whack the rego into the vehicle check.
  11. No tickets, spenze. It is parked in a bike parking area an there are lots of bikes on a normal weekday, so it doesn't look out of place.

    Thanks for the tip to check on vicroads website. Will do when I get the rego next week
  12. I'll start the bidding:

  13. or more likely they will go and fine the owner for having a tinted screen or some such as that way they will make some revenue off that also...:p
  14. My bike has spider webs on it & I ride it most days...

    Every now & then a cockroach will scurry across my screen at the lights, I really need to get a shed!
  15. Same my bike has cobwebs on it - some days I look at them and wonder about how they manage to stay on, then I wipe them off and within 12 hours they are back again.

    I also commute and park my bike in almost exactly the same spot every day.

    Leave him a note and see how that goes before you report it
  16. not related but i saw a mv augusta f4 left out in the middle of chapel street for a few days/nights. was amazed it didn't get lifted.
  17. left an MV Augusta at the Penguin Parade overnight. Came to collect it late the next day and the damm thing was still there. You see, without a trailer, no one could take it away.
  18. This morning I was early enough and the bike on the same spot. Cobwebs all there.
    Then I felt if the engine was still warm which is probably the next best thing than actually seeing somebody on the bike. So, it is not abandoned. Just a bit neglected.
  19. Any news? Still there? Been reported yet?
  20. Ignore, just noticed above post . . .