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VIC Abandoned Ducati NSW reg - Mystery Solved

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Siilk, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Ok, here's the deal: I walk through Kooyong on my way to work and for the last week or so I keep seeing a red Ducati(looks like a daytona or something similar) with NSW rego plate parked on the side of the road. It doesn't look like it was moved this whole time and from what I can tell, there is a secured parking available for residents of the housing it is parked in front of, yet the bike is parked on the street. Checked it's rego today via NSW online rego thingy and it is reported as cancelled as of this February. Now of course someone might've simply bought it interstate and brought here but still, it feels a bit odd to keep such a nice bike out in the street like that, not to mention keep the rego plate. Not sure if I should report it or something but I though I'll be better off letting you guys know at the very least.
    Here's the bike(I edited out the rego).

  2. I'd report it to the cops. If it was my bike, I'd hope someone would report it if found!
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  3. Just be aware that if it was stolen, the online rego check would advise that if it had been reported.

    By telling the police, you may get the owner a nice fine for leaving an unregistered vehicle on the street....
  4. A Ducati Daytona. Sounds rare hehe
  5. That's what I'm thinking too, I don't want to drag the owner into trouble for no good reason.
  6. Stick it in your garage and turn it into a track bike
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  7. If it was stolen, they'd be brave to leave it out on the street, with the rego plates on... Might just be a case of someone moving down with their bike and not wanting to ride because its either too cold or they haven't transferred the rego of it due to finances or laziness. Let us know if something eventuates with this! Interesting!
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  8. Whilst it is an offence to leave an unregistered vehicle parked on a public road, footpath, driveway or car park, Victoria police are more likely to refer you to the local council instead.

    Section 3 - Power to remove unregistered or abandoned vehicles

    (1) A Council may—

    (a) move or impound any unregistered vehicle or vehicle considered by it to be abandoned (and anything in, on or attached to, the vehicle);
    (b) keep the vehicle in the place to which it has been moved or any other place;
    (c) return the vehicle to its owner on payment of a fee; and
    (d) sell, destroy or give away the vehicle (and anything in, on or attached to, the vehicle) if the owner of the vehicle has not paid the fee within 14 days of the Council impounding the vehicle.

    Link: Schedule 11 Local Government Act 1989

  9. Too nice to leave on the street, i would be skeptical aswell.
    My bet is stolen.
  10. Not stolen. I live around the corner and the owner moves it quite often. He just keeps parking it there in nearly the same spot, as if waiting for a car to hit it. How odd ...
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  11. Oh, thanks for the headsup. :)

    JustusJustus: feel free to edit the topic to reflect this being a false alarm or remove the thread entirely.
  12. Wow...this is like something on the ABC on a Sunday night...midwinter kooyong mysteries...
    Actually reminds me of the school certificate science exam I sat last century...you got a a picture...then you had to write the hypothesis...
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  13. What a great idea for a thread game. :)
  14. I thought we were playing already.... :woot:
  15. Haha yeah sorry to burst the bubble! I would like to let the owner know not to park it on such an angle though, I've seen cars come real close to clipping it since it's a narrow road ...
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  16. Nice investigations there Acid. Been a while mate :p We will need to catch up and maybe have a chat with this fellow and teach him how to park his bike.!
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  17. Wulf! Man it's been a long time! So I gained an extra 96cc and you gained an extra 1.6L. How times have changed! :)
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