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Abandoned bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The Hack, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. For the past 12 months I've been watching a pair of learner bikes slowly rot in inner Melbourne.
    Maybe their owners have amnesia and have forgotten where they parked them. Or they are realllly sick and not able to ride just now.
    If anyone knows the owners of a Kwaka 250 (still with L plate fitted) or a Kymco 125 that they have lost track of - then reply with the relevant regos and if they match I can tell you where to find em.

  2. mate....report em to the cops saying they've been there forever and your concerned that they might be stolen considering no one seems to have touched them in a long time.
  3. Are they slowly losing parts?
  4. How do you know they're not getting ridden on the weekend or on occasions when you don't notice them?
  5. if you think they're stolen bikes report it to the cops...
  6. The steadily increasing coat of grime and crap on both of them tells me they are not being used at all.
    And both have wheel locks fitted so they don't appear to be stolen but I'll take 87crisis' advice and report it to the cops if they have not moved in the next couple of days.
  7. dont report them to the cops instead mind your own business
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  8. Really? Abandoned bikes, not been moved/touched for a long time and you'd mind your own business?
  9. Nope. They are obviously abandoned then they need a new home
  10. A Kwaka 250 and a Kymco125? They don't need a new home, they need to be parted out.
  11. The kwaka 250 could. But the kymco should have a chain welded to it and be used as a boat anchor :)
  12. It wouldn't be heavy enough, unless you're using your boat in Albert Park Lake.
  13. not stolen so only the owners business if you report it it will only cause hassles for the owner
  14. yes yes i would. there parked bikes not abandoned
  15. You know this how?

    To me, given they haven't moved at all in 12 months, it would be a fair assumption that they are abandoned.
  16. from this, i havent moved one of my bikes in 4 years are you going to report it stolen?
  17. Unless:
    1. I thought they were stolen (wheel locks say they're not), or
    2. they were a hazard (can't imagine how), or
    3. I wanted them

    then yes. If you report them abandoned, there will be a notice placed on them and the council will make some half hearted attempt to contact the owners. If the council have no success the bikes will be towed and, unless the owner makes contact, auctioned off. The end result is that someone could lose their property.
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  18. Has the rego expired?

    ETA: My bike has a steadily increasing coat of grime on it because I don't wash the bloody thing, and you could walk past my house most evenings and see it parked in the same spot, but that doesn't mean it's been abandoned.
  19. If you're interested in them, door knock surrounding buildings and see if anyone knows anything.
  20. It's Melbourne, are you sure it's not part of some underground arty farty structural arts pavement exhibition thingy?

    Kymco&Kwacka - art for the purist, simples.
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