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Abandoned area/carpark etc to practice riding skills

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by achislenk, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    does anyone know of a spot around Sydney where i can practice riding my bike/driving my car. I'm interested in doing slalom exercises and alike.

    Thanks very much,
  2. carparks in industrial parks on weekends... theres plenty of them around!
  3. im sorry but this is a stupid thread.
    go to any carpark the first one you see.

    your not going to get into trouble
  4. Thanks very much for all your replies.

  5. I can see the point of the thread, most car parks are full of cars...
  6. find a dead end in an industrial area from about 1pm on at the weekend.

    Get some sticks and crushed cans and practice the slalom and u-turn.
  7. I found when I started riding, large carparks like Bunnings/ hardwarehouse were a awsome place to practice outside of store hours at night. (and some early mornings :p)
  8. lol fair dinkum
  9. better practice at busy times.
    sat/sun mornings will test you.
  10. You will be booked/ harassed in a car. They might let you off on a bike. Your riding on someones public liability.
    It use to cost me a friken fortune to use someones car park for teaching.
    But do it anyway till you get kicked off. If you have a hi viz vest wear it and say your instructor ran away lol
    If you can get hold of some tennis balls cut them in half and use them for the slalom, fig 8's so forth.
    They are smaller so they get you use to focusing and they will not slip under your wheels.
    Try your local tennis center for dead ones.
  11. I use a church car park during the week because it's usually empty and industrial areas on the weekend. Stay safe.
  12. crosstown tunnel?

    All my mates in Sydney reckon no-one uses it most of the time