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Aargh, the waiting!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by madwomanofdonnellyst, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Why can't the RTA be open on Sundays?

    I passed my Ps yesterday (NSW)- whoot! It's the first Ps test of any sort I've ever done (don't have a car licence, bike is my mode of transport). Yay for belated rites of passage!

    Didn't do too bad. Hit a cone and put a foot down at one stage. Damn cones- the natural enemy of the motorbike rider! Total of 4 points.

    Amusingly, I nearly dropped the bike on the emergency stop (I stress *nearly*, held it upright thank God!). The instructor seemed to think I'd stopped in an unneccesarily record-breaking distance! 21-0 in less than the 2 and a bit meters the RTA says it takes to stop. I'm sure my front forks loved that :shock: So not the most graceful MOST test of all time, but I got through, and that's all that matters.

    I want to do the ceremonial changing of plates so bad! But I have to wait 'till my lunch break tomorrow to go down to the RTA and officially get my licence. Stupid weekends. Until then I'll just have to dance the Happy Dance in my lounge room...
  2. Congrats.
    Armidale pedestrians beware! :grin:
  3. Thanks :grin:

    Armidale has a special breed of pedestrians. They seem to be taking lessons from the livestock in the area (wandering all over the road slowly and drooling slightly). And then there's the kids in my street who insist on jumping out in front of me and playing chicken as I ride past. Muppets, all.
  4. Well done , a nice loud fat harly might solve the pedestrial problems!
  5. I was thinking more like one of those v-shaped guards they put on the front of steam engines. You know, like the one Monty Burns has fitted to his car in The Simpsons.
  6. Watch out for the biggest muppet of them all. He's a constable in NSW's finest at Armidale and he rides a CBR600. He's on the memberlist here on netrider, but he's never posted :p
  7. hey mate,
    Congratz on the pass!
    enjoy popping on your P's and burning your L's!
    12months till you burn the red and white!
  8. woah, you can get a bike license without a car license in nsw...?

    be careful mate, dunno how much road experience you've had.. but be careful :).

    do you go on the road for your test?
  9. Yep. 'Cause we's special!

    Nope, mostly we just levitate about 30cm above the road using our magical NSW mind-powers :p

    Yeah, we go on the road as part of our pre-provisional course day. And we get to go out on the road by ourselves for the whole time we're on our Ls. I've had my Ls for car/bike for over 10 years, so I've done the road-time. Just been too lazy to actually go for my Ps until now. I have plenty to learn in terms of road-craft, but so do some of the supposedly experienced cagers who do dumb stuff on the roads!
  10. Thanks :grin:

    I've been cursing the cardboard L plates with all the rain we've been having lately (they keep falling apart), but it does make them that much easier to burn when you're done with them!
  11. L's for ten years?!?!?!

    so this whole time you've had to ride / drive with an L plate on your bike/car?

    i would hate that, other motorists act all funny around L platers.
  12. I laminated my L Plates so that they would not frazzle in the rain...
  13. Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment! It doesn't help that the last time I had my bike Ls some tosser stole my bike before I could go for my Ps and they lapsed.
  14. funy thing is they now make them in plastic finally
  15. Congrats on getting your P's, I might be in Armidale early March! I'll make sure I keep away from red VTR's with P plates :wink: