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Aargh!! I've been accepted at Swinburne!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. I'm going to Uni!! I really should check my mail more often :oops: - got a letter from Swinburne saying my application for enrolment in the Diploma of Library and iNformation management course has been successful!!

    Final enrolment session this Wednesday!





    Holy cow


  2. .. and other assorted celebratory exclamations!!!

    Well done, and congratulations.
  3. Hey thats good Rosie. Does that mean you will have to travel up some days from the island?
  4. Congratulations Rosie!

    From the last time we spoke, I got the impression you weren't going to start it for another year or so. Or did I hear wrong? When, when?
  5. *still squealing* Sooo happy!! My girls were with me when I read the letter and I just started squealing and couldn't speak....had to show them the eltter to see what I was on about. haha.

    I don't care about the distance to get there. This is the first big step towards my career and I'm taking it! :grin:

    Does anyone here go to / familiar with the Prahan campus? What's it like? More importantly, what's the car parking situation like?

    Damn not being able to ride atm...bike would've made this a bit easier for sure....and a damn site more fun with the travelling.
  6. Cheng - My mail goes to the Cowes Post Office...and I hadn't checked it for a while..lol. I figured I'd do distance learning till next year and then start full time at Swinburne. Looks like I'm starting a bit sooner than I thought! Fine with me cos as you know, I'm not so good and disciplined studying at home. ;) :grin:

    Cambo - yep. :grin:
  7. Hey Rosie, congrats!

    Prahran campus... A few mates went there and seemed to like it. Car parking, however, will probably be a total pain in the arse, it's just off Chapel street so you're probably going to have to pony up for it.

    On a positive note, it's right next to the lucky coq so you can get a $3 pizza for lunch.

    oh, and PS. your VTR is running well and feeling great. The chain was a bit dusty, is all, nothing to worry about. What a sensational little bike!

    PPS the trip home from yours was a huge adventure. Must tell you the story sometime. No problems with the VTR, but the ZX9 ran out of fuel, then out of batteries, then it ended up on top of me in a watery, muddy ditch on the 8th attempt at a push-start, then we lifted it into some bloke's ute and I rode on the back into San Remo, then I failed at a roadside repair of the busted gear lever so I rode it all the way home in the belting rain in second gear. We got in a little after 1am. Choice!
  8. Way2Go, Rosie :grin:
  9. Congratulations!

    agree with Loz about the parking...Chapel St area is bad and the parking inspectors are absolute dynamite.... 1 minute over and you'll have a ticket!!

    Do they have student parking at all? or at least a parking pass?
  10. Well done, the car parking situation around the campus is crap. See if you can do a park and train ride, might be a lot easier.
  11. congrats ... but you've missed Oweek :(

    oh well
  12. Congrats Rosie! I think you'll find this the first step to a new rewarding career! I'll stay tuned :)

    :shock: @ Loz,. WTF!!?!?! What an adventure.
  13. Congratulations Rosie!!

    I don't think there is anything more satisfying than helping yourself with learning. Good luck!!!
  14. Hey congrats Rosie!!!I did 2 years into that at Charles Darwin Uni in Darwin before finances made me go back to work :(

    if you need any assignments on short notice.... :p
    just kidding

    HAVE FUN!!!

  15. Woo hoo! Congrats, Rosie!

    And yeah, Loz - AArrrrgghh!
  16. Loz - :shock: Oh no! :( Damn... :( :( I feel soo responsible too :( Hope the damage isn't too bad/expensive...you've got the VTR to get you around whilst repairs are being done anyway. Yep - they are good bikes...absolutely. :)

    Thanks guys..I'm really looking forwad to this. Been stuffing around with it for too long.

    Thanks for the info on carparking ...sounds as I expected...I'll look into the public transport system and see about trains and distance from nearest station to the campus. I'll most likely drive to Cranbourne and get the train in from there, but if the station is too far from the campus I'll have to drive until I get off these crutches. Once I'm on the bike I'll be fine - but the car's gonna be shite with traffic/parking.

    Blodders - Oweek? Orientation week? Oh well.. will have to acquaint myself with the place on Wednesday.

    Tracey - did you finish the Diploma? It's 2 yrs full time. I'm thinking of just doing the whole 2 yrs and not applying for RPL's on what little I have done..could do wtih a refresher on everything i've done so far anyway. I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that about your assignments... ;) :twisted:

    LIL! I am sooo excited!!! :grin: :grin:
  17. well done Rosie :)

    I worked for Swinburne until Sept last year. Prahran Campus as everyone is saying is as tight as when it comes to parking. The Parking snappers there are the most vicious in the country, really!

    The campus is not big, it's originally an old Teachers College, or something like that. It's old. But they have a great restaurant there as part of the hospitality course.

    Good luck with it all, I'm sure you'll do very well :)
  18. no mate didnt get to finish it
    as I was doing it part time so I didnt have to worry about childcare
    so most of my classes were at night

    Hey I was only offering to HELP you with your assignments

    I am so excited for you
    but seriously if you need any hints give us a yell

  19. Thanks for the words of encouragement Doonx. :) I figure seeing as I'm putting so much into this - juggling being a mum of 3 with a pretty big travel distance and study etc) I intend to do well - very well. :)

    Tracey - my girls are older now..youngest just turned 12, so I don't have to worry about childcare etc. I was doing it via distance and it sucked...seemed like it was going to go on forever and it would have too. This way I'm giving it my full attention and getting it over and done with in the two years. Local librarian said it took her 10yrs distance learning to get her qual's...that was juggling motherhood and marriage breakdown. Like her I was sitting here studying at night once the girls went to bed. Just couldn't do it during the day because the phone would ring or I'd get distracted by other stuff or the sun would be shining and the bike beckoning. This is going to be hard with travel, but worth it in the long run :)
  20. :dance: Way to go Rosie!

    Good luck with it all, just hang in there and it will be over before you know it :grin:

    Loz: :cry: What a trip :cry: