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AAMI - Yes/No

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by PJ2, May 19, 2007.

  1. Just looking to take out a new insurance policy.

    AAMI have turned out to be the cheapest buy far.

    Are AAMI a good Motorcycle insurance company or not ? storys ??
  2. Didn't know they did bikes :shock:

    And I thought I knew everything ;)
  3. AAMI? For bikes? OMG, when I got a quote from them they were the dearest. More than double the others, and I am already with them for my car, house and business. I dont think they normally do bikes and I would double check that the quote is right.
  4. AAMI gave me full comp for $499 and im 19 y.o on L's. Every where else was $2k+ but because my car is with them they knocked a lot off the price.
  5. I've got AAMI for the Honda and the Ford.. Exy as for the car because we are both P-platers in the car - full comprehensive coz I can't drive too well apparently..

    With the bike, my partner has had is licence for 8 years therefore can ride what the hell he likes.. HOWEVER!! They, as a rule, don't insure anything 1000CC and over AND don't usually insure bikes for people under 30 if it's over a 750..

    I argued that and they insured it - It cost a bomb though (almost as much as the damn car) - as well as being FC.. It's not so bad though as they will pay REPLACEMENT cost for a CBR of the same model (over what we insured it for)..

    It's a complicated setup.. Remember too that sometimes they WILL bend the rules if you have a good argument.. :grin:
  6. My one and only reason for never ever insuring with AAMI?

    The fact you have no real choice of repairer (NSW anyway).
    They will assess the vehicle, and will only pay the amount of the quote they would have accepted to repair the vehicle and if you insist on it being repaired by someone you choose, you will pay the difference if any.

    AAMI normally get vehicles repaired quite cheaply, given repairers who do work for them know other repairers are quoting on the job, and that means a nice cheap repair for AAMI.

    Moral: No such thing as a good job cheap! Lots of corner cutting....
  7. Or do people think that I should just get Western QBE to match their price $720 cheaper ?
  8. I would never insure with AAMI. As stated by others they chose their own repairers. Damaged vehicles are towed to their assesing yard in North Melbourne and then a tender is put out for the repair and the cheapest quote wins. The vehicle is then towed to that repairer who tries to repair it for less than they quoted so they can make some money from the job. I work around the corner from the AAMI assesing centre and see a constsnt stream of tow trucks loading and unloading there.
  9. I have just finished reading the Western QBE product disclose statement, and they are exactly the same.

    " We have the right to nominate the repairer or supplier to be used."

    PS How many people read the 'Product Disclosure Statement" ?