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AAMI report riders vs drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. In another thread, Martin said

    I've started a new thread rather than get it mixed up with CS's ramblings. :twisted:

    What's interesting is that it was a very long press release and also included the following advice to car drivers taken from the MRA website (and acknowledged correctly) and conveniently ignored by the "Hun" :roll:

    Tips for Sharing the Road
    Car drivers are obliged to share the road with all other road users in a safe and responsible manner.
    Following are some useful tips car drivers should follow for sharing the road with motorcyclists and scooter riders:
    At Junctions:
    • When coming out from a side road, be careful if there are parked cars or large vehicles obstructing your view of a motorcyclist.
    • Before turning left, make sure a motorcyclist isn't on your inside, and before turning right, make sure a motorcyclist isn't on your outside.
    • Give motorcyclists room at roundabouts.
    • Don't squeeze motorcyclists' space at traffic lights. It can make them accelerate faster to get a lane.

    When Overtaking:
    • Give motorcyclists as much room as you would a car. They might need it to avoid - a pothole, a manhole cover, a loose surface.
    • Don't overtake when you can't give enough room - for example, where the road narrows.
    • Don't overtake when approaching a junction.

    When Parked:
    • After parking, check for motorcyclists before opening your door, and get passengers behind you to do the same.
    • When pulling away from the kerb, look out for motorbikes. They have a narrower profile than other vehicles, which can make them harder to see.

    Other common situations - if you drive too close it can intimidate an inexperienced motorcyclist. They might make a mistake. A motorcyclist might be in the lane you want to move into. Look out. Are they already there or approaching quickly
  2. I bet 90 per cent of drivers also believe their farts smell like roses. :p
  3. Actually, I'd be surprised if <95% of drivers didn't look for motorcyclists before changing lanes.

    It only takes ONE shit driver to bring out the "all cagers are retards" threads.

    Just as it only takes ONE reckless motorcyclist to tar all of us with the hoon brush.
  4. Given that the majority of multi-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles are the primary fault of the car/4wd/truck driver I'd say that they either don't look - or more likely, just don't see.
  5. True, true...
  6. well, exactly, its a ridiculous question to put on a survey.

    Of course people say they look for other road users, but actually registering in the brain and taking action is another thing.

    ive had a few cases in my wagon where a bike has come alongside me without me seeing them first. its a good reminder to put on your indicator for a few seconds before changing lanes
  7. When people re-tell something they other like to change it so the look like they are wrong or at least less wrong.
  8. #8 Bravus, Jan 13, 2009
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    Wanna have another go at that sentence? ;)

    Both propositions are right:

    1. 95% of people do 'look bike'

    2. Most multivehicle accidents are caused by drivers who don't look

    There aren't that many such accidents for the total hours ridden, so it only takes a few careless drivers (even if they're only momentarily careless and are normally carful) to cause them
  9. Theyre discussing this on 3AW right now. Drivers bitching about lane splitting, branding 90% of us idiots and saying that we all have to wear fluoro vests.... blah blah only guy that made sense was Neil from Heavy Duty magagzine.

    And one clown - who was on the panel as a " car expert" !! said he moves over in stopped traffic so bikes cant get past him whilst lanesplitting. Then goes on to say his Dad died in a bike accident and stated it was his Dads fault for speeding. Hope his Mum didnt hear him being so spiteful. Tool.
  10. What I find amusing is that if they don't see (or hear) a motorcycle - what hope would a bicycle have? :roll:
  11. ask a taxi driver do you look out for motorbikes and their answer will be, "i thought they where supposed to ride on footpaths"
  12. In Melbourne it would be " मà¥à¤à¥‡ लगता है वे footpaths पर सवारी करने वाले थे सोचा था " :LOL:
  13. Actually, I find that better than 60% of drivers are curtious and aware of me on the road. Some even make way for me when lane splitting.

    It is the other 40% that worry me, and the few that go out of their way to make my progress difficult.
  14. +1 to Rod.

    I find (IMO MORE than 60% of) cagers are good. Some deliberately making room for me, the rest at least aware of me and keeping an eye on my movements.

    But as many others have said, it only takes a careless (or spiteful) few to tarnish the rest of them...

    A bit like bikes really... :grin:
  15. Yup. So far, I've only been hit by 0.0001% of drivers :LOL: .

    Isn't it interesting how, in any car v bike debate, lanesplitting (whether filtering in stationary traffic or splitting on the move) always comes up as gripe numero uno by several orders of magnitude. You've only got to wait for the phrase "queue jumping" to arise seconds later to know that it's almost entirely envy driven.

    Personally, I prefer the phrase "motorbike bonus" :grin: .
  16. I find the the whole "look for motorcycles" campaign really annoying. I'm a motorcyclist and I don't look for motorcycles.

    I look to see if it's safe, regardless of what vehicle is there. Am I supossed to look 5 different times to account for all the differnt vehicles on the road?

    "I sorry officer, I was looking for the low flying gyrocopter when a camel ran up my arse"
  17. Every time I see a Driver turning their head to come into my lane and I react to keep myself safe (either break or give it a twist) I hope I've woken up another lazy driver to what they could potentially do. Its those new breed of scary drivers who drift in and out of lanes, no blinkers etc that worry me more than anything.

    Seriously its not just me that notices so many people not indicating anymore is it????
  18. ;) Call it the 'big bad mofo literacy campaign' ;)
  19. I was thinking the same thing. MG giving spelling lessons, with a big stick. :shock:
  20. Higher proportion of bike riders than car drivers are tools, in my experience.

    Bike v car incidents are pretty small, in my experience, compared to single vehicle bike accidents.

    And that guy who was spiteful towards his dad for riding recklessly and getting himself killed, I think that's fair enough. His stupidity left him fatherless, and probably broke his mothers heart.