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AAMI Insurance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by panza83, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Very happy with these guys! My insurance is about to come up in March, Just had a call from them to say that my premiums will be dropping.

    Was paying $598.00 for a 26 year old riding a 2004 VTR250, the only problem being shitty gear cover, of only $200.00.

    When i renew, the premium is going to drop to $413.00 my gear is covered up to an agreed total of $1800.00 (up to 5 grand if i wanted it). As well as them bumping me to a category 1 insured rider for life! Tops!

  2. have you ever had to make a claim through them? I've heard stories...
  3. I have a story about claiming with AAMI for my car, I have heard worse stories, but I have heard much, much better stories.
  4. Get QBE to match (y)
  5. Be careful. Professionaly they can be "difficult" to deal with.
  6. I have my car insure with AAMI, they're pretty good, not sure with the bike.
  7. Have you claimed through them Eav? How'd it go?
  8. Yes we did there is no problem, just need to get two quotation and show them pay the excess, they even give you a taxi if you need it, two weeks later they call you and ask how the repaire going are you happy with it or now.

    what else do you want.
  9. I've made many claims with the family's cars and its all good. the only shit part is if you want to bring the car to the repairer yourself, you need to get quotes from their authorised repairers or 1 from them and 1 of yours. Once you find a good one of theres, its all good
  10. Well don't just keep it to yourself will you?
  11. I dont think a Melbourne one would help you unless you bring your car down here hehe
  12. I rode through Marysville the other day and outside this house was a sign "unlucky with Aimee" in huge letters.
  13. true,but i wasnt thinking about myself