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AAMI insurance no go for >1000cc

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by monyx, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Bit of a bugger as I was hoping for a competitive quote and protected NCB since I've had my house & car with them for years. I was informed their underwriter does not cover bikes over 1000cc - non negotiable it seems.

    My quotes for a 2005 Hayabusa so far are QBE $714, Shannons $858..just deciding if the superior coverage of Shannons is worth the $144 pa i.e. skills improvement on tracks covered, gear coeverage up tp $3k.

    I tend to rationalise the budget quotes, thinking well I don't ever plan to use it - just keep the costs down. Famous last words I guess LOL.
  2. Yep, they don't cover Harley's or Ducati's either. When they wanted to increase my premium last year from $620 to $896 for no reason whatsoever I said "goodbye AAMI, hello Swan." I now pay $404 for an un-named rider policy.
  3. that wouldnt be Ross Rackham in the ACT would it :wink:

    i think if it is, no insurance would cover you and that busa :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I can't find Swan anywhere in Yellowpages, can you forward a contact for them? TIA
    I don't know hwho Ross R is...but he is not I.
  5. It is Swann, with two 'n's
  6. hi people i had a quote for $2480 for r1 2006 model, rating 1 mind u that was tooo much. Any 1 know of a cheap insurance?
  7. AAMI doesnt specialize in Motorbikes thats the reason why and also they are only insuring them because they feel they have to and if someone wants to insure with AAMI then they have to pay the premium.
  8. Funny they are insuring my 1100. I think it might have something to do with the reputation of the Busa and maybe your rating.
  9. Yeah i'm paying a fortune on my 02 SP2, Shannons won't touch me and I've been riding for 5 years, I just don't know what I've done to diserve this travisty. :)
  10. hehehe funny as Shannons use that bike in their advertising. Lying bastards!!!! :twisted:
  11. I got an awesome quote from AAMI for my GPX. $442 for comprehensive, when it's currently insured at $200 for third-party through Swann.
  12. i just got my renewal policy from nrma, they kindly dropped it from $3,000 to $2,700. i rang western qbe and they gave me a quote for $1,738 !

    i called nrma and ended up speaking to a manager, but they ended up pretty much saying, thats out final price, if you dont like it, then go to the other company.

    the only differences between the 2. nrma had a higher agreed value of $400 and western qbe had a slighty higher excess...but hey im never in the wrong, :LOL:

    is swann another name for western qbe ? or are they another company again ?? might give arista underwriting a call when i get home from work.
  13. Swann will not quote direct to public, they advise the closest Bike dealer who does. Swann not competitive due to 'Busa rating I suspect, quote : $1520.
    I've previously been quoted over $1k from Arista.

    I'll go with Shannons I think, track skills coverage, no extra for monthly payments and generally positive feedback sways me to spend the extra coin.

  14. Until today I would have said you were mad, but I didn't know about the track skills coverage. One very minor drop on a ride-day and you have your money back in spades. I am definitely going to see what Shannons want to cover my Ducati.
  15. Oh I should clarify they don't cover ride days - what I mean was advanced rider training/skills course, here's the text from my policy:

    "cover when you are involved in defensive or advanced training courses designed to improve your skills on the road".

    So 'mad' for insuring at all, or for paying $144 extra?? Indeed I've self-insurned all my life for bikes, previously too expensive for the <$10k bikes I owned, but this is worth a bit more and premiums are now almost 'stomachable', but I'd still much rather buy a PS3 :wink:
  16. Hey sonja,

    I got Full comp with swann for $300 for my 06" gpx250 but I'm older with a rating 1.
    This rating crap is just that!
    My old car cost me more than my bike with AAMI they wanted $465 on my mazda 929 agreed value of $2900.
    That why I went to SWANN.

  17. Oh bugger, another dream crashes and burns......
  18. Yeah, it sux to be under 25 and on Ps.
  19. well isn't that amusing! I seem to remember promo shots of the sp2 (or was it sp1?) featuring extensively in the shannons tv ads :p