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AAMI Certified Mechanics

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by takagawa, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Got into some trouble today. Does anyone know of good AAMI Certified mechanics that do good work on plastic fairings? The one they recommended was Peter Stevens which I really don't want to send my bike to.

  2. what happend?
  3. Yeah! Spill ya guts fella!
  4. eh nah, i really don't want to talk about it. suffice to say i'm just resting at home nursing my sore knees and sprained foot. The bike still runs, but did some damage on the right fairings; which luckily i didn't get any of it fixed since the off that I had on the first day I got my bike.

    The gear was money well spent. But anyways yea, I'm probably going to bring my bike into bikemagic for them and get it quoted. Then I need to send my bike to an AAMI authorised mechanic and get a quote off them too.
  5. Glad to here you are OK. Its cheap to repair a bike but bones and brains cells are not.

    So what happened to YOUR Skill and technique that YOU once were BOASTING about.............. :?: :wink:

    Did you leave them at home that day :wink:

    Cheers 8)
  6. glad your ok

    as for the off , post about it , maybe you might cop some flack .
    But someone might take heed of any points you bring out and not make the same mistake or action .
    something good comes from something bad as they say .

    anyway speedy recovery
  7. :shock: Dude was that you dustin' yourself down after an off on Mountain Hwy in Sassafras on Friday morning? (Secretary saw this). :cry:
  8. Ring them back and ask them for thier full list of authorised mechanics. Don't take no for an answer.
  9. take your bike to who you feel comfotable with, if they complain tell them to stick it

    insurance companies have no right to restrict you to there list of mechanics (most dont even have reccomended motorcycle mechs anyway)

    i had the same problem with aami when i was rear ended by a dude in a 4wd

    i had an independant assesor come out and look at the bike and took it to my usual bike shop

    aami tried to give me grief but they have no legal recourse over this at all

    dont ask them where to take the bike TELL them where you are taking it and tell them that is who you want to fix the bike, dont accept any of there bullshit and you will be fine
  10. Were you at fault? Just asking cause the dude who backed over Bond just paid Mike at OCD Racing the cash to repair Bond & therefore eliminated all of the insurance co hassles for both of us! Wooohoo!
  11. Oh they do have a list of authorised mechanics, but they aren't broken down to motorcycle and car mechanics.

    How it works for AAMI is that I have to bring my bike to an authorised mechanic to get a quote. I also can bring it to any other mechanic of my choice. Then they assess the bike and they choose the winning quote.
  12. dont let them take your bike!

    take it to your mech and demand that he repairs your bike, dont accept them fobbing you off with excuses and dont let them get hold of your bike at all costs,

    speak to rick at pablo's and he can advise you what to do in this circumstance his number is 9561 5522
  13. Errrr BikeMagic... get a quote from them but I would not let them work on my bike... A friend of mine got them to streighten his ZZR600 frame... he had to go back 3 times b4 they broke his frame and than while welding it back they burned his wire harnes... The frame is now still bent (though when assembled the wheel base is correct)... With that sort of record... I would not trust them...

    I'm also tring to find some one good at plastic welding / painting (after Sunshine Motocycle Eng burned down) so far I'm seriously considering taking up the trade my self...
  14. Hmm, I don't know but with AAMI the claims lady said that if I just went off to get my bike fixed without getting authorisation from AAMI to do so, they might not pay for the repairs.
  15. no man, you dont just go off and get it fixed, you TELL them where it is and that is where it is getting fixed, they are required to send out one of there accesors to have a look in good time (10 working days should be ample)

    when i rang them they told me i would have to wait 6 weeks for an accesor if i didnt take it to there workshop, that is when i got an independant accesor to have a look at the bike (they are required by law to acept his jugement as long as he is licenced) they bitched and moaned a bit but they finally agreed (after a day) and 2 days after the independant guy had looked at the bike they sent one of there accesors to look at it (funny how 6 weeks shrunk to 4 days isnt it)

    just dont accept crap or bullshit from them and you will be fine
  16. Ah damn, I find AAMI to be very inconsistant with motorcycle insurance. They said I have to get two quotes, one from a repairer of my choice, and another from an AAMI certified repairer.

    And they recommended that the AAMI certified repairer be Peter Stevens *cough hack cough* I think not. So I decided to call them back to get a list of all their AAMI certified motorcycle repairers, so I can bring it to someone else. But I find they don't have such a list available :? only a complete list of all their repairers including car.

    So I ask them to go through the list, and I find Peter Stevens aren't on their repairer's list :shock:

    I called back next day to talk to another claims lady and she said that AAMI don't have certified motorcycle repairers :shock: so I actually can take to any two repairers of my choice. I'm like, hey cool. :)

    Then I called back soon later to double check this, and I get this really dumb lady who said, no I had to bring it into a certified motorcycle repairer. I go to her, but... you don't have any certified bike repairers. And then she goes off for a sec, and she gives me this one called 'Bike Craft'. So I ask her, is Bike Craft a certified repairer.

    And she starts being hesitant, but she started to push the issue of bringing it to them. But I ask her again, "if I was to call them up, would they say they are an AAMI certified repairer", and she told me don't call them up... O_O wth. But then she realised I had to call them up to book a quote.

    And she starts to say, "We at AAMI don't deal with motorcycle--- err... we don't do motorcycles 'as much'." What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    So I say, but if they are not an AAMI certified repairer, then why should I bring it to them. I already have two repairers that I like, why can't I bring it to the ones I choose. So she said and I quote, "Just bring it to them anyways, and everything will be alright."

    Okay, all the other ladies they were at least nice, and if they didn't know something, they transferred me to someone that did. But this one just blew it.