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AAMI = AWESOME Believe it or not...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by proxemic, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    Well was paying $1070 per year for a k1 GSX-R600 until i recently rang AAMI and said i was considering leaving.

    The lass then said that AAMI were doing a total overhaul of their motorcycle comprehensive insurance. She said they were changing riders from Level 5 to Level 1 or something.

    Anyways works out after being with them for one year on my annual renewal which is about 10 days away my comprehensive will cost $654 a year!! w00t!

    Bloody awesome not even swan comes near that.

    Just thought i'd pass on the news to all looking for some realistic insurance quotes.
  2. I was happy with AAMI when I had to claim for the car, so put bike through them.

    Will double check to see if mine drops, thanks for the heads up :)
  3. Yeah they're ****ing awesome until they tell an 88 year old grandfather to go out and buy the spare parts on his own with a cheque that doesn't even cover the cost of a hubcap. Then when they finally cave and do the right thing, i.e. locate, purchase and obtain delivery of replacement parts themselves, the car comes back looking like ass. Screaming match later at the AAMI centre, we finally get the issues rectified, but it still looks like ass.

    AAMI have had a bad rep with both customers and panel beaters for years.
  4. Thats good news, Im with AAMI also.

    Ill be checking my renewal when it comes in.

    Thanks for the heads up!!!
  5. News to me and my cousin who is a panel beater. racv have the worst rep.
  6. I found AAMI to be a real pain in the ass when I claimed with them but plenty of people have no problems, guess it depends on who you deal with...
  7. Thanks for the tip.

    I too tried to see if my premium would drop.
    Current QBE ~$500
    AAMI $946.

    I'll stick with QBE :)
  8. Haven't heard of AAMI for bikes repairs but for cars there are several top end panel beaters that i personally know of who flat out refuse to deal with AAMI due to their refusal to pay reasonable amounts for work required. I also personally know of several cars that have had repairs done through AAMI that have had to go back 3 or 4 times before the work is completed to a decent standard and one car that was written off AFTER the repair job because it was so bad. They are never going to give good repairs when their system involves beaters reverse bidding for the repair jobs and they give it to whoever can do it the cheapest.
  9. Def calling them, thanks for the info.

    I have been insured with AAMI in the past, and Just Cars, and never had an issue. Only one minor repair claim, though.