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AAARRRGGG My damn helmet!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by blue_muppet, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Once again, i've been a total newbie and dropped my helmet........again.

    This is the second time now and both times I have manged to take some nice chips off the front chin section and put scratchs in the visor. Its a real pain in the ass!

    I think I might have to get a new visor now because the scratchs are right in front of my eyes. Does anybody have a idea how much a new visor would cost?

    Would it be worth getting a tinted one or just stick with the clear visor?

    BTW - my helmet is a Nitro N510-V (el cheapo) rrp:$150

  2. Yeah, did the same thing this morning. Got off the bike after a freezing cold ride from Port Campbell to Melbourne at 4:30 am.

    Hands were a bit numb and I thought I had it when I didn't. Dropped 3 ft onto concrete, rolled off the ledge on the patio and dropped 5 ft onto limestone. :( New helmet time I think.

    How high were the drops and onto what surface? If they were decent you might be better off getting a new helmet from a safety point of view. They're pretty much designed to deal with one hit and then be replaced.
  3. just wanted to add to this a question. they say you should replace your helmet when you drop it??.. do peeps actually do that? ..i mean i can be a butter fingers and no doubt id be doing that a couple times a month
  4. First off, stop dropping it :D

    Not sure if you can even get replacement visors for your type of helmet but if you can defiantly go for a tinted one as riding with a clear visor on a sunny day is just plain nasty :cry:

    A standard or tinted visor will cost around $40-$60 from you local bike dealer, if you're feeling a flash go for an iridium or a nice high-def one for $$$ :?
  5. I have the exact same helmet and i just got a new iridium(sp?) visor from bikemart for $40 - $60 (I forget exactly how much), it's really good during the day but once it starts to get dark it can cause some real problems expecially in areas without street lights, but you can just keep the clear visor as a spare and put it on if your planning to stay out late (Thats what i do)

  6. How bad are the scratches?

    If they are not too bad, get some toothpaste, rub it into the scratches with a cloth, and polish the scratches out.

    Works, I've done it myself.
  7. You can also get some Novus Polish #2 (from Novus windscreen replacement places) and it will take out minor scratches (works on slightly deeper scratches compared to toothpaste). Scuba Divers in north america use this trick, and I have used it on my visor previously.

    But the polish is about $25 (one small bottle will last a lifetime) and a new visor is about $30-$40 for a basic clear...
  8. One of the English magazines did some tests. I think (I can't remember the exact details here) that they involved dropping a helmet from around two metres onto concrete several times. They found no issues with the safety of the helmet. The issue when you crash is that the inner lining gets compressed by your head - that's why you need to replace them. The lining also gets compressed when you wear it over a period of time. That's also why you should replace your helmet after a few years of wearing it.

    Without your head inside to compress the lining the impact of a drop from around head height means that they are still OK.

    The magazine concluded that it was a deliberate attempt on the aprt of the manufacturers to get people to replace their helmets.

  9. i gots a nitro helmet and i got the mirror visor for 40 dollars from my local bike shop, looks awesome in the day but as kraven said it is hard to see with it at night, i just ride with my visor up though
  10. Sir Skuffy bought a new visor the other day and showed us the packaging when he was in Sydney. It said,

    "Visor is not for road use but for track use only as it is not homologised."


    I'm sure they meant "homologated" but that's not what they wrote.

    Can someone please give me a definition of what this word means???
  11. Homologated means approved for use.
    Homologize (as its spelt in my dict) is to show it has the same structure / relative position. I suppose this is how the go about getting Homologated (?)
    Safety wise, most are identical...btw don't try the toothpaste trick on tinted visors - a few of them will end up removing the tinted surface. Better visors have a solid tint throughout, but a hell of a way to find out which one you have.
    Why can't they just use English like the rest of us as say its not been tested.
    I gotta say I find wearing glasses(sunnies) under a clear visor more dangerous, as I tend to get odd reflections through the two lenses, particularly if there polaroids.
  12. I wear polariods under a normal visor and the only strange effect I have is that the tyres of cars all appear purple and white cars look like Mary Kay mobiles; I think there's a slight tint in the visor as well. :D
    As far as dropping helmets, if they're not rubust enough to soak up an odd drop or two, what chance are they to protect your head in a proper drop? I'd tend to agree with the English test, and the idea being more a marketing ploy than a technical issue. Having said that DON'T DROP IT ANYWAY!
  13. Speaking of helmets...does anyone elses helmet nearly rip their ears off when they put their helmet on or take it off?

    Because mine does...i thought tight as possible was best?
  14. it is, because the lining 'sacks out' and gets sloppy after a while, but it sounds like you've got a "thresh-hold of pain" situation there, esp if you've had it a while. If it's already bedded in maybe you should have bought one size bigger?
  15. I would say this is occuring due to a certain degree of polarisation of the light passing through the helmet visor which is not aligned with the polarisation of the sunglasses.

    I had this problem when my helmet was new but it came good after a while.
  16. My helmet is brand new...but geez it hurts when i take my helmet off :evil:

    Im gonna go ice my ears....
  17. Yet another example of the interpretation as to the advice "Make sure you get a new helmet tight. I think a better way to descibe the feeling of a new helmet would be firm, but with a hint of give.

    Either way, you could always try compressing the foam where your ears go with a spoon a few times; loosen it up a little.
  18. Was talking to one of the riders who dropped his bike, at a great rate of knots, at Winton yesterday and he commented that his helmet took a knock in the process (he was still wearing it at the time) so I took a quick look at it and told him the scrutineers would right it off due to the scrape marks on it.

    He then said, "I hate that, it's brand new and cost me $700"

    And you guys are worried about a $40 visor....................

    I'd love to be selling helmets & fairings after the weekends racing.
  19. Try getting yourself a silk balaclava from a bike shop, I got an Rjays one for about 10 bucks which makes getting your helmet on and off much easier - helps keep you warm too.
  20. Please be patient with me if this sounds insulting, but its amazing what little things people can miss.....

    Most helmets have a little bit of "give". If you hold one of the chinstraps in each hand and pull out wards as you pull it off, it should ease over your ears. (unless you live in a toadstool house and have a friend called Noddy).