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AAARRGHHH flat tyre

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. I went for a ride this morning (see, I'm not on Netrider ALL the time :D) and a few kays from home the handling started to get real wonky. I thought the front tyre was going down, or pehaps I'd blown a fork seal. But I staggered it home, parked in the driveway and discovered a large builder's screw right in the middle of the rear tyre.

    I know this has been debated before, but I really don't want to have to spend another $300 when this tyre has only done 8,000 kays and has plenty of life left. What is the rules of the game with fixing radial bike tyres?
  2. Get em to stick a plug in it and forget about it.
  3. 8000kms? How many layers of canvas are showing? Throw it out & put something else on that bears a little bit less resemblance to a rock :LOL:
  4. 8000km cant have that much life left in it can it? Even the BT45s on my little ZZR are ready for replacement at 10,000.

    $50 for a plug vs $300 for a new tyre. If the tyre is 3/4 worn its more economical to just get a new tyre.
  5. It's a Bridgestone 020 and it's still got a lot of tread left, as surprising as you may find it......
  6. Tyres can last 8000ks?? Holy shit!

    You guys do perform the obligatory rolling burnout when confronted by a group of attractive teenage girls dont you???
    :LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously though id replace it regardless. I know its hard to part with the cash but i just dont like the idea of using anything thats not in its original working order. Especially something as important as tyres, and it seems even more important to me on somethin that only has two of em...
  7. $50, get it plugged and your on your way for another 6 months (or whatever) until the tread wears down.
    I've never had any trouble with plugged tyres before, if they were drastically unsafe, then they wouldnt use them.
  8. :LOL: mik, Mrsh Hornet would take a VERY DIM VIEW of rolling burnouts in front of teenage girls! I fact she takes a very dim view of teenage girls per se!

    The only reason I'm trying to put off replacing it is that I dropped and broke my $500 PDA on Thursday and another $300 is more than I'd like to bite out of the budget...
  9. 8000km?!?!?!? You get around only on the front wheel?

    Best I got out of a tyre was 4500km :D

    Bang a mushroom plug in it and forget that it's there.
  10. I run BT020's on the Guzzi V11 (which isn't exactly a power house) and I only got 7000kms and it was down to the belts!

    8000kms with plenty of life left... you must ride like my grandmother :)
  11. i get 2500km out of bt014 battleax - have plugged a tyre before, just from the outside which isnt as good as from both inside the tyre and out. Supposdly good for only 160kph (seemed to be ok at near double that at short bursts anyway YMMV) $15 bucks prolly it will cost u. Lasted near life of tyre ok (copped a screw in it near new) Recommend it gets done with a mushroom plug tho - better way to go
  12. I'm probably as OLD as your grandmother!!!

    I'm actually quite surprised at how well it has lasted, and I did do the run up Reefton with Farawayman, remember. (Does that compensate??)

    Actually, it shows I'm a BETTER rider because I don't wear it out that quickly.. (yeah, right..):p
  13. My grandmother on my fathers side died 3 years ago... she was 98.
    My grandmother on my mother side died 20 years ago she was 79.

    Your age is shown as 56... which makes you senior Ulysses club material... I'm still junior (about half way through)... so you are older, but compared to most around here I'm not exactly a spring chicken :)
  14. That's a fair call, mate, I had to guess at your age 'cos it isn't in your profile. It was just a good opportunity to make a joke based on your comment.

    Actually if I wore tyres out as fast as some people who've responded to this do, Mrs Hornet would probably lock the bike up and throw away the key :LOL:
  15. Yah... I probably should edit my profile :)

    And yes... it must be nice to be single and able to afford tyres that wear out in 1500kms!

  16. I'd go with the 'plug and forget' mob Hornet. As described above, the repair will be in the center of the tread where the compound is not only thickest, but hardest as well.

    As to tyre wear, my worst was my old turbo'd Honda Valkyrie, the 'Vicious Virgin'. I got less than 2000k's from an $800 tyre before it started throwing chunks of rubber at innocent bystanders..........I ground away large sections of the headers and both mufflers as well. With a total bill of close to $3000, in retrospect maybe it wasn't the ideal bike for a track day :cry:

    (At least people gave me track room, I guess a 343 kilo juggernaut bearing down on them at almost 200kph made them a tad nervous) :twisted:

    Edit - typo
  17. Hey Hornet, what did you decide to do in the end?
  18. :roll: :roll: i get 500 kays per tyre at $1000 a pop . Must be all that weaving i do in front of shop windows to see how cool i am.