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Aaargh. Top box jumps ship.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by titus, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Yes, somewhere in the inner north of Melbourne this morning my Givi top box decided to make it's break for freedom. Actually I'm pretty sure I know where but it didn't occur to me that the 'thunk, scrape, rattle' I heard was anything to do with me until I got to work. Went back but of course it wasn't there.
    Not so worried about the box but the loss of contents is hurting a bit. Annoyingly it also contained clutch parts ready for installation to resolve a persistent problem that will have to be ordered from O/S again.
    Bugger. Bugger. Bugger.

    Anyone else have their hard luggage let go?

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  2. Maybe someone picked it up and handed it in to a local business or police station? It'd seem odd to take someones broken top box.
  3. :| What a PITA!
  4. I'm sure you'd remember years ago PatB's experience with an errant BMW Pannier.

    Or was it Incitatus? Too long ago, but it is a pain when something happens behind you and you don't find out till to,late.
    I hope some honest soul has handed it in somewhere, mate.
  5. Approaching a roundabout one evening when I saw a dark object roll past me. I thought how odd and kept riding. Five minutes later I realised it was my top box.
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  6. That's very unfortunate. Any form of identification in the box? There are some honest people left in the world.

    Then again, if it hit someone's vehicle, probably better they not know your name, address, or phone number.

    Hope it turns out well for you.
  7. Yeah, it happened to me too, a while ago. I went around the curve while my top box decided to continue in a straight line... mine wasn't a Givi, just a cheap box on a cheap scooter. Funny thing was, I immediately noticed a difference in how the scoot handled - it felt much better.

    I don't use top boxes any more.
  8. Nothing at the cop shop. Nothing that would identify me in the box but when I added it up about $600 worth of goodies. And yes the bike was handling better, I should have noticed.
    I figure that if an honest person went to the trouble of picking it up they would go to the cops so unfortunately it was a dishonest one. Plenty of those around. I'm resigned to starting the long slog of replacing the stuff straight away.

    It seems there's enough evidence to never trust hard luggage again. Pity.
  9. <goes out to check Givi top box anchors>
  10. A few years back, i jumped on my wifes bike, and didn't attach the givi box properly, only for it to come off on a slow corner and slide into a parked cars tyre.

    Fortunately the box was fine, unfortunately the car contained a contankerous old b#$%h who carried on like a cement truck had just knocked her car 40 feet sideways.

    Have never had mine come loose though touch wood
  11. Lockwire the bolts next time?
  12. Hmm. This is a good prompter for me to put my name and mobile number on the underside of my top box.

    The only problem I've had with mine was user error, not locking it properly. I'm amazed the couple of times it happened that I've made it home without the contents being left behind.
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  13. Shame about the inconvenience and the financial loss.

    Hard luggage is widely used for a reason though - lots of people find it necessary. I've used hard luggage for probably the last 150,000km without a problem. The upshot over soft luggage is that I have never had a security issue, no water damage, the list goes on.

    The only tip I can really give people is to buy the best you can afford, not just the cheapest. Unfortunately most people just buy the one that's the right price. Compared to the higher-end gear, the differences are reall rather remarkable - including the differences in mounting and retention.
  14. For the sake of clarity, I've always had some issues with ensuring the locking mechanism (it uses a sliding plastic lug) is fully home in the correct recess. I invariably check it for security (and I did yesterday but apparently not aggressively enough). I wonder whether possible flex of the carrier plate might have contributed but it seemed pretty solid. The thunk I heard was crossing a speed hump so that definitely contributed. Plastic lugs could have broken?

    It's a shame, cause the box was super useful. So now I'm wondering what retaining system other models use - metal parts rather than plastic for example?
  15. Best retaining mechanism I've used was on the Triumph top box. The current one on the Yamaha is pretty good - supported by a metal plate.

    The ones I have seen recently are all plastic though. Not a terrible thing necessarily - the Triumph and Yamaha ones are both substantial plastic sliding "tongues" or latches for want of a better term, with catch in the base plate/rack. Probably not a dissimilar concept to what you've been using.

    The Triumph rack was alloy - little chance of flex - the Yamaha rack is plastic - greater chance of flex as it isn't as substantial. However the box is heaps smaller, so....

    What I HAVE seen though, with the cheaper boxes (mainly after-market single skin stuff) is the boxes themselves aren't exactly robust and will flex substantially. I've had people demonstrate how they will flex enough to come unlatched (lid will open).
  16. Damn that just sucks....