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aaaaRRRRGHHH .... sunburn..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. yeah yeah... red hair blue eyes I'm about as sun friendly as a slug loving salt... I look like a lobster on my stomach and behind my knees... why behind the knees?

    I just really hate how itch it feels at the +2day mark... my chest and keg are so itchy the office girl asked if I had fleas!!! :LOL:

    sorry pleople +1 random shite for the day.

    scratch scratch..

  2. You didn't buy that cheapo SPF 215+ sunscreen from Go-Lo did you???
  3. Remeber robocop with the chick with the spf2000? Funny blue colour probably gives you liver cancer, well I want that stuff.

    At the moment I lather myself up white man walking style with good spf30... I guess its all the areas i missed...

    Scratch Scratch
  4. Calendula cream from the pharmacy will help :wink:
  5. so will no finger nails :(
  6. Macadmia Nut oil is good - you'll feel a little greasy, but it's semi soothing and assists healing [particularly healing w/out scars].

    Otherwise, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E cream... whatever your mum told you when you were 8, will also help :)
  7. Cocoa butter forumla. I've used it on the girls when they've been sunburnt and it relieves the soreness and seems to aid in the healing.
  8. hahaha aarghhhh yep I have two kids with red hair and blue eyes [where the hell were you 15 and 6 years ago] and they burn quicker than fruit loaf in a toaster! The only thing that seems to stop it is a long rashie SPF 30, zinz on nose and a wide brim hat. The 15 yo says it doesn't look cool so I let him get burnt the other week :shock: Guess what red skin that itches don't look cool either!

    Oh and he puts on camomile lotion. :grin:
  9. ahh.. don't you love sunburn...... it's that hard decision just how much time in the sun you can handle before you turn red ..... the tricky part is the red comes after it's sore and too late to know you have had enough sun :shock: :? :LOL: :oops:
  10. zoidberg.

    As you can see my trip to the beach was a b!atch...

    well my magic mix which is affectionaley called gooop
    1/3 uncoloured aloe
    1/3 Vitamin E
    1/3 coco body butter*
    2 asprin

    Take asprin with water... mix 3rds together and apply to burned area. If you can lie on a dark towel under a celing fan.... Bliss now for some transformers battestar galactica and some bundi and coke...

    *or hemp cream... it rocks the girls at the body shop think I'm nuts.
  11. Well, you know what the jolly folk at the cancer council say, don't you? Most of the people with melanoma today got badly burned, at least once, before they were 15 years old. Protect those little ones, people.....
  12. white baby living in the top end... yep i was probably beetroot I think i had better go and get screened.
  13. that aloe plant i showed u - take gooooood care of it - then u'll have it on hand all the time..........

    see - i coulda told u ditchin the coffee club for surfin was a bad idea......

  14. To help sunburn after it's happened- SOOV, an anaesthetic spray from the chemist, can't speak highly enough if it.
    The best sunscreen if you're a mighty whitie, Banta, in an orange tube. The stuff is not gooey once applied, does an excellent job, and is water resistant. And cover up, it's just the best way. Mind you, I burn through certain types of fabrics too.
    As a 36 year old with at least a half dozen melanomas, and a half dozen removed already, I have this to say-


    Regards, Andrew.


  16. :rofl: Very funny clip!
  17. what a cute ass.... Hell funny clip!
  18. Aaaah yes,this sounds familiar.Then growing up in a beach culture with your mates saying" :dance: yaaaay, it mid 30 degrees, lets go to the beach.
    Woo hooo would be my reply, oh, and yaaaay :oops: , lets go to the beach and lye in the sun till we all feel like malignant melonoma's.yaaaay :dance: .

    Roughly 12 minutes in 30 degree heat and Im in cancer country :( I shit you not, IT SUX!

    Stick me in 0 degrees and Im alive. Gimme the snow baby anyday :woot: Its in my highlander Scottish ancestry blood. If your cold, its a hell of lot easier to get warm, than it is to get cold, if youre warm :-k if that makes sense.
  19. What more could u possibly need? You must smell divine :wink:

    Hope your peeling better soon... sorry, that was a really flaky joke... oh no, I zinc I better stop now... ha ha, I crack me up :grin: :blah: :bolt: