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Aaaargghh!!! :woot: :doublewoot: I got a job interview!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Woohoo! Last Friday I put in an application for a job at the PI GP circuit visitors centre and I just got a call from them asking me to go in for an interview on Wednesday!! Aargh!!





    Wish me luck! Any job interview tips would be handy - it's been yonkers since I sat in front of a superior and shit myself!
  2. Just be yourself, don't stress out. If you can handle talking to them without breaking a sweat, they'll know you can handle a bit of pressure on the job.

    Good luck! You'll get it for sure, there's only 3 other people on the island when it's not a GP or SBK weekend, and they're all working at the penguins.
  3. Re: Aaaargghh!!! :woot: :doublewoot: I gotta job interview!!

    :applause: :applause: :applause:

    having just come from a Job interview with an agency this morning (literally)

    my #1 Tip is Breath
    # 2 Relax they wont eat you
    #3 Listen and ask questions
    #4 tell them about you and your hobbies

    ( i even showed the pic of my Bike on my Key Ring :grin: )

    Good Luck Darl
  4. List of requirements for job at PI:

    Intelligent [Check]
    Rides a bike [Check]
    Enthusiastic [Check]
    Smiles [Check]
    Lives Close [Check]

    There, you've got the job!
  5. Is it for the job of a brolly dolly?

    I suggest you bring your own Lycra and umbrella. They'll look favourably at that.
  6. Hi Rosie, I can tell you after interviewing heaps of people for jobs it's not rocket science to stand out!

    Be polite, wear nice clothing, brush your teeth, wear deodarant, be passionate not desperate, now these might sound like gimmees but the number of people with bad breath I have seen is huge! :grin: Not saying that you are any of these but you never know.

    Be yourself and have a good breakie on the day! Good luck kick ass.
  7. Rosie if the current staff can be judged by there personality your buggered, may be get realy shit faced the night before so only half your brain is operating, you should fit rite in then :p

    Good luck Rosie :woot:
  8. Well done and good luck!

    Just be yourself, and don't worry. You have everything that they would be looking for. Take a few deep breaths and be confident!
  9. Way to go Rosie!

    You'll do just fine! :grin:
  10. Thanks for the tips - and compliments :) - guys!

    CamHornet - no. :LOL: Customer service.

    And next comes the important question - what the hell do I wear?!

    ps....good luck Lady Rider!!!
  11. It is better to overdress than under dress. Be smart and formal.
  12. Smart and formal?

    *looks in wardrobe*

    Guess who's going shopping tomorrow?! :grin:
  13. Girly equivalent of Suit and Tie :grin:

    I was once told.... always dress for the job you want...not the one your going for at the moment.

    Has worked for me so far suit and tie to every interview no matter the position.
  14. Lucky I don't want to be a trapeze artist in the circus! ;)
  15. Post up some photos of your wardrobe and we'll point out the right outfit? :LOL:

    Seriously though, dress to impress. Smart business attire, regardless of the position being offered.
  16. i take it your kidding..

    meant ot meant.. dress for top management not warehouse packer .....ahh you know what i mean.
  17. High-heels and mini-skirt, Rosie.

    You'll get plenty of offers!

    ... dunno about 'jobs', but plenty of offers! :grin:
  18. The majority of clothes I've bought lately has been riding gear. I have some outfits I used to wear to the library, but I've lost a bit of weight since then and they kind of 'hang' off me.

    I'll find some smart looking business type outfit. May as well get my hair done as well. :LOL: I'll consider the expense an investment - *says me who just bought an 8+ Grand motorbike for the sheer pleasure of it*. :LOL:

    Drew said:
    :p :LOL:

    Ktulu - haha...I don't think so :LOL:
  19. Thanks darl
    Here is Hopeing for BOTH of Us :grin:

    hm scratches head
    :idea: 1
    Ride you bike there
    Dress code fixed :grin:

    :idea: 2
    neat Casual
    Clean Jeans Or slacks and a nice top
    shiny clean hair and minimal makeup

    :idea: 3 Depending on the posirion
    maybe a casual suit
    either a slack or a dress suit
    a good colour of navy blue as it is not dominant like a black suit is
  20. :dance: Double Congrat's :dance: