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Aaaaarrgggg....Oz or Scrubs????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by RainMann, May 28, 2007.

  1. My favourite comedy is on whilst my favorite drama is on. I cant tape either. I guess I'll watch Oz till 1130 then put on scrubs, and flick to oz in the breaks.
    Scrubs is f*cking awesome, the janitor is the best character, and in Oz i reckon Shillinger is the best character. he's such an evil c*nt....hehehe

  2. And miss Boston Legal?? :shock: :shock:

    Repeat after me... "I must never miss an episode of Scrubs or Boston Legal" :grin:
  3. hehehe love scrubs - not watching it tho :(

    my brother likens me to dr cox :p
  4. What the hell is oz? :S

    For me scrubs is a last resort, only for when I'm bored of arrested development (scrubs humour except I guess a bit more sophisticated)
  5. Scrubs has to win hands down! Love that show. The next season is out on dvd soon :grin: A friend of mine named his dog 'Turk', hehe.
  6. If you need to ask that question, you're probably not ready for the answer. Start with something light hearted and cheerful like The Sopranos or Rome and work your way below the gutter from there. :LOL:

    I've seen every episode up to date but there's no way I'd actually recommend the show to anyone else. :shock: :LOL:

    RainMann: You have the net. Why not download your fav shows and watch them at your leisure. :)
  7. Buy a twin tuner PVR and record 2 shows while watching something else as well!.

    best 'TOY' I ever wasteed money on.
    While the missus wants maccas daughters taoed, I can watch the Motogp, or anything else!/.