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Aaaaaand Again

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. We are determined to destroy ourselves it would seem :roll:

  2. I've given up.

    Unless it happens to someone I know again, then f*** it. Most I can do is try not to get hit by one of these f***ing eedjits and their f***ing eedjit friends.

  3. Sad part is, this will only give the Victorian Government more ammo in it's supposed war on "Speed"
    It always amazes me (As a faraway observer) how just about every crash down there that becomes national news, The Authorities seem to turn a blind eye to all of the other facts, such as underage driving/Drugs/Alcohol/poor roads/Etc.

    It's all about Speed, and just another reason to raise fines, push more of the "Zero tolerance" policy, and another excuse to put more Cameras out on the roads.

    The only Reason I bring this up, is Queensland stupid Government is starting sound like the Parrot on the Victorian Pirates, Sorry - Governments Shoulder.

    Qld is now talking Zero Tolerance, bigger fines, more Cameras, seems to be whatever Victoria does, we follow along after and do it to.
    Granted our Government is a bit slower to do it, but they will catch up, Qld is another state that has become addicted to the revenue of the Speeding fine, so they are going to do whatever it takes to get more.

    Focus on Speed to the Detriment of all other road safety messages. Yes, That will save lives :rolleyes:

  4. Quote:
    Three teenage girls hurt in car crash

    A 15-year-old unlicensed driver and her two 15-year-old female passengers were seriously hurt in a 160 km/h crash

    The three girls were travelling along Foley Rd when the driver lost control of the car and smashed into a power pole near the corner of Meeniyan Promontory Rd shortly before 7.30pm.

    The power pole collapsed and the car exploded in flames.

    Police are investigating whether alcohol and speed contributed to the crash.

    End Quote

    Fuch do you really thing speed was involved you tools?
  5. I can't wait until school returns.

    Anyone else noticing a huge percentage of these appear to be bored and unlicenced teenagers taking their parent's car out for a joy ride?

    Either that, or instead of focusing on speed, start focusing on why the f*ck can a 15yo get access to a car due to inadequate parenting.
  6. +1 here, its is about time the breeders of such animals took some responsibility in teaching good manners. As in' If it s not yours by right or purchase then dont fu.k with it it or I will kick your arse.'

    The shit heads of today are bred from our loins and raised in our homes , just look at the tw.t at the funeral in the westside for one of the kids from the Falcoon smash at 4 times oner the BAC limit , what an example of human waste is that contempt breeds and nurtures contempt . These kids have NO respect for themselves nor anyone else,,,, I wont go on .
  7. Crushing the car in cases like this wouldn't do much anyway. The offenders are doing a good job of that themselves.
  8. Could crush the offenders, before they crush someone else.


    (I'd quite like to see Brumby toe that line on the news actually hehe)
  9. Thankfully as reading that was painful :p

    Hungover? :LOL:
  10. It seems that the media wants to tag any sort of dangerous driving as "hooning".

    It's highly probable that this crash wasn't speed related. But rather, a young girl, probably with no driving experience, crashed because, well, she can't drive.
  11. Drove at 160 or crashed at 160? I have a hard time believing they hit a pole at 160 and lived.

    I would like to hear the facts of the story. I suppose claiming they crashed under the speed limit wouldnt be so sensational.

    Either way, idiotic hormonal girls.
  12. "hormonal" girls don't tend to do the stupid things that their male counterparts do. In fact, scientists suggest that the part of the brain that governs rational thought isn't fully developed in males til their mid-20s. And if you look at how insurance companies levy extra fees to under-25s, it's not hard to accept.

    Put it this way - why do most fighter pilots get desk jobs once they're past 30? It's not because they've "lost the edge" to quote a line from Top Gun, or that they start to lose physical performance. Rather, it's the feeling of invincibility that starts to give way to more rational, self-preserving instincts. Airforces don't need that - they need pilots who will risk it all in order to successfully complete the mission.

    And this is the problem that we have with young male drivers.
  13. Actually, the last time I heard such research refered to it was males at late 20s (28) and females early 20s (23 I think...)

    15 is still a long way off being a mature adult, regardless of gender.
  14. Dont they? Or perhaps they have their own brand of stupidity and occasionally they take ideas from others.

    Any 15 year old doesnt understand serious long term consequences enough.
  15. every year that the average marrying age for males goes upwards is a year that the age of maturation in men goes upwards. its not exactly rocket science
  16. Seeing as a sizeable proportion of the males I meet, married or single, appear to have a mental age of about 14, I'm really not sure if that holds good.
  17. meh i gotta say am over the whole lets protect people from dieing, if these kids go and kill themselves and not hurt anyone else in the process farking let em....
  18. hmm you may have a point, it also depends how you approach your marriage. But i wouldn't be at all surprised if the rational thought thing developed a lot earlier 60 or 70 odd years ago.
  19. Bing!

    I'd hedge a bet that she knew that it was dangerous to go that fast. But I'd also hedge a bet that she did not know just how quickly things can go bad at that speed.

    Speed was a factor, inexperience was the cause.
  20. 1. If they were doing 160 then how cant they "know" whether speed was a factor? How do they know they were doing 160 for that matter ?

    2. The car hit a pole which fell over the car and the car burst into flames. None of the injuries mentioned burns. Something missing here maybe?

    Not saying it didnt happen but the press do not include accuracy as a job requirement does it... sigh, how usual.