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aaaAAAAhhHHHHH @$#%

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MLC, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Well IT happened.

    After 20 months of riding I had my first off. @#$% I am so angry.
    Was on my way home. turned onto Stud road from Wellingon in Rowville. 5 minutes from home. Pulled out from behind a truck into right lane of Stud road and spotted a "fellow rider " pushing his bike up the footpath on the left. Thought, do the right thing and see if he needs assistance. Pulled back to left lane moved to side of road and as I was pulling up, I hit a patch of loose gravel on the road surface and down we went. #$%^!!!!!

    My pride and joy now has gravel rash on the side of the tank, a broken foot peg and a few scratches on the brake handle and front guard. I have a gravel rashed knee and a tear in the seam of my jacket. Several drivers stopped to see if I was ok (Thankyou to each of them). Oh and the "fellow rider" I was pulling over to help...... well he got to the intersection wher I had gon down, hopped on his bike, rolled it down the hill to get it started and rode off. %^&*($# Susuki rider didn't even come over to offer moral support.

    As they say, no good deed ever goes unpunnished. Anyway. Appologies for the rant but I am soooo pi$$ed that I had to tell someone. Thanks for listening.
  2. MLC,

    No good! As you say it is all karma, hope you sort your bike out soon.

  3. Sorry to hear about your off MLC :(

    Glad to hear you're ok though :D
  4. Man that sucks. Good to see you're alright though.
  5. Yea it bloody sucks when that happens. One of these days, I'm really going to go somewhere to practice riding in gravel/rain.
  6. Not good mate :( but glad to hear you are ok :) .

    Hope you are back on your bike real soon.

    :D :D
  7. Major bummer .. glad you came away unscathered and the bike just cosmetic
  8. That really sucks MLC :(

    Sorry to hear about you bike, your pride and your gravel rash!
  9. Got on and rode home. Other than the broken foot peg it's all cosmetic. (even my knee). I was able to wedge the footpeg secure enough to get me home and now its fixed well enough to get me around until I can get it replaced. Will be back on the bike tomorrow going to work. Just hope it doesn't rain too much until I can get the tank fixed. Probably needed to replace the footpegs any way. They were getting a little worn from all the scraping as I go round corners. (Not boasting here. It is a cruiser remember)
  10. Try Panton Hill Winery for the gravel! :LOL:

    Sorry to hear about the off, MLC. Nice work by the "fellow rider" too (not). Glad the damage isn't too bad, anyway.
  11. aaaAAAAhhHHHHH @$#%, that's enough to give you the @$#%.

    Good to see that you've got your first off out of the way, and came out of it relatively unscathed.

  12. Sorry to hear about your off :cry: but happy to hear you are ok and the bike can be fixed :D
    Lisa :twisted:
  13. Nice of that su..su..zipper-rider to stop and help out. What a pr1ck. :evil:
  14. Tintop's of the motorcycling world ?
  15. You just know the guy had a white bowls hat tucked away somewhere. Bet the rider loves beige.
  16. Jesus mate , bad news .
    I am glad you have pulled up ok and the damage is minor

    everydog has his day and his will come (the bloke who left )
  17. Near enough. It was a white and blue suziki. Damn Just cant seem to spell it right .... or am i? :LOL:

    Thanks all. Having pizza for dinner when I fininsh working and think I will have a couple of refreshing red grape juices. That should help me feel better. At least until I walk out to the bike in the morning :shock: :cry:
  18. That's the go!, there's nuffin red wine and pizza can't fix!!

    Bummer about your bike dude, if it helps, I'm one suzuki steerer that will stop, hell I even stopped to help a cage driver on the way home tonight.

    (cracked radiator top tank, not much I could do, but they appreciated the thought.)

  19. may his gonads turn into bicycle wheels and backpedal up his a-hole.....


    may his chooks turn into emus and kick his dunny down.....