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Aaaaaaaah, g'day

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nutso, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Hello from Melbourne.
    I'm joining this site to get more out of my favourite pastime and also hopefully to get some clues as to how I fix the one big glaring problem on my otherwise brilliant bike.
    I ride a 2005 Cagiva Navigator which, for the many people who've never heard of it, is an Italian adventure bike with the legendary Japanese TL1000 engine, donated by Suzuki.
    It's a fabulous machine which handles well and fits me perfectly, as a tall bloke, but it has one big thing wrong.
    From time to time, pretty much every time I ride, I'll go to take off from a standstill and the engine will just die. It starts again quickly but I never know when it's going to happen and no mechanic has been able to figure out what's causing it.
    Obviously this is not an ideal trait for a bike to have!
    Usually I have to sit revving loudly as the lights are about to change, just to make sure I can take off as intended.
    The best advice I've had so far is that it's a symptom of Italian electrics matched poorly to Jap mechanicals, but no-one can put their finger on it.
    Cagiva changed distributors in Oz about a million times so no-one really takes responsibility or has much knowledge of these bikes.
    Can anyone help to point me in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  2. Welcome to NR NutsoNutso . Sorry to hear about the annoying quirk Sitting at light wondering if your bike is going to die must be really frustrating. My ride has a slight quirky glitch in first and I spent a lot of time stalling it when I first got it. I adjusted my riding style and now I don't notice it as it's very minor. But it sounds like yours is a bit more serious so I hope someone will be able to shed some light on it for you.
  3. Welcome mate :cool:
  4. Howdy and welcome to the forums NutsoNutso :happy:. Nice looking bike you've got yourself there! Hope some clever lads on here will help with a solution to it's little quirk. Temperamental Italians? You certainly have to have a special touch with them (y) Hope to see some photos of your adventures soon!
  5. Welcome to the forum
  6. Welcome.

    The words "Italian" and "electrical" are generally poorly matched IMO. :p
  7. welcome aboard :)
  8. Reckon CrazyCamCrazyCam may be the guy to talk to...
  9. Hi and welcome Nutso.

    Yeah, it does seem that electrics aren't the Italians' strong point.

    I'm currently involved in trying to track down a problem with lights and turn signals on my Cagiva Raptor 125. :(

    The one hint I have been given, by a couple of folk with Cagiva experience, is that I'll have to basically hunt through the wiring loom, particularly where it's fastened to the bike and where it has movement.... the likes of stuff going to the handlebars.

    What I was told I'm to look for is any possible nicks or wear signs on the insulation.

    Sorry I can't be more help.

    BTW, if you solve the problem it should be a bloody brilliant bike! ;)
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    CrazyCam, thanks for the welcome and the clues. Anything that comes from experience with Cagivas is useful.

    You're right about the bike otherwise. It fits me beautifully, especially since I had the seat resculpted & recovered, and I've just bought a set of Koso heated grips, which look great & should see me through winter, so if I can solve that problem I'll be rapt.

    The engine's fabulous while it runs, apart from a little hiccup around 3,000rpm, and it's got Staintune pipes so it sounds lovely. Handling & braking are pretty good too, though if I do keep it long-term I reckon I might give it a front-end transplant with forks, brakes & wheels from a modern adventure bike.

    Meanwhile, when I get the grips fitted I'll ask the mechanic to check out the wiring loom very closely.

    Thanks again for your reply & good luck with the Mito.
  11. gday NutsoNutso and welcome to NR - Italian bikes have something the others don't so being a little unreliable adds to their charm, apparently
  12. Hey hey NutsoNutso welcome to NR bud!
  13. Welcome NutsoNutso ,
    Are you up to stripping it down yourself ?

    As CC mentioned above it sounds like a wiring issue.
    Electrical gremlins like this can take hours to find and often it's just checking and refitting every connector and termination possible.
    I'd be looking at the battery and earth connections first, and then kill switch ( and loom ).
    Particularly anything that might move when you stop. Does it have a switch on the side stand ?

    Best of luck.
  14. Aloha NutsoNutso ! Love the name :)
    Wow nice project you've got there. All the best in getting it sorted and hopefully these nice people in the forum can help out !