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AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh So frustrated!!!!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by kage, May 2, 2005.

  1. ok..... this is mainly a venting..... but my god!!!!!

    Here we go, now, last week wasn't the best of weeks so this really topped it off in the making me want to kill someone category. Last week on Tuesday i book my bike in to Bill's on Frome road. i booked a service engine tune and a new set of tires. its my service since having the bike so i wanted a thorough one. now i drop the bike off on Friday morning at about 9:45am. Convo as follows
    Ray(service dude): hey mate ur here for the service?
    Dave(obviously me): yeah... and the tires and engine tune
    Ray: ....oh yeah.... ur bikes the last one in so it wont be finished till late this arvo.
    Dave: how late?
    Ray: hhhmmmmm about 5.
    Dave: ok see ya then.

    now i decide i may as well go home instead of staying in the city, have a nap u know basically kill as much time as i can before going back in. i then decide to get to town about 345 to have some late arvo lunch with my mate who working at Myers. it all goes well, we finish about 430 then i figure its a good time to start walking to bill's. first i go to the bathroom, my phone rings, i figure i let it ring out cos im a lil busy taking care of business. then the old missed call message comes. Now as i was only involved in settling a number 1 this all happened in the space of 5 min. as i start walking back to bills i return the missed call, figuring it was bills telling me my baby was ready to go.

    Ray: hello bills M..etc
    Dave: hi this is david speaking i received a miss call from you?
    Ray: oh yeah, when did u get the message? because i was trying to call u a while ago. ummm there has been a bit of a problem, we wont have ur bike ready by today.
    Dave: why not?
    Ray: um...well....u see your this morning i only received your front tire not ur back tire as well, when i called the distributor they said they were "out of stock" so i had to order the Bridgestone equivalents at about 10 this morning.
    Dave:....(in my head: fcuking hell!!!! i shouldn't have done those burnouts last night as a goodbye to the old tires! (its a tradition with my friends and i the night before new tires...bye bye old tires))... ok.... so the problem is?
    Ray: they haven't come yet.
    Dave: damn, ok then can i just pick up my bike and get the tires next week?
    Ray: um....well...u see the service isn't done yet.
    Dave: oh ok, look you close at 5:30, so i'll get there about 5:10 (taking my time) will it all be finished by then?
    Ray: um...well yeah it might.
    end of phone convo

    ok so i walk there, when i get there i was standing at the counter for a bout 15 min twiddling my thumbs as ray was talking to some guy about motor cross racing, then after that convo he plays with his computer, then goes takes a phone call, then goes plays with some book then comes and talks to me.

    apparently the service wont be done in time, i get some story and he tells me to come back tomorrow. now because i want my tires i suggest i come back Monday to get the whole thing, he's like yeah thats fine sorry about all this.

    no bike for weekend : ( ruined plans with my girlfriend that night, she was pissed.

    today, being monday, i sleep in till about 12, ring bills about 1230.

    Ray: hi david
    Dave: hey... please tell me my bike is ready.
    Ray: um well the thing is... ur tires were lost in transit.
    Dave: eh? what do u mean?
    Ray: i rang the guys before and they are trying to find the tires, it should be organised by about 230.
    Dave: look i need that bike for work tonight so im coming in and getting it at 3-30 the latest.
    Ray: yeah yeah that should be fine... i mean look its when we want things the most that these things happen eh.
    Ray: hey?
    Dave: call me at about 2:30 and tell me whats goin on, seeya
    Ray: yeah, bye.

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    this has been so frustrating, sorry for the ridiculously long post guys. but im quite annoyed, especially as i don't believe a word of what he said. i reckon they completely forgot about the tires on Friday and when i dropped it off and told him he ordered them then and told the boys to leave mine till as late as possible, when i went in there that arvo he showed me the bike to assist his stroy, it was in pieces, there was no way in hell it was gonna be done by friday arvo. i hate the bs ing around the most!
  2. Man that totally sucks :cry: :cry: The same thing happened to me but with my laptop. Which I needed for work.

    Hope ya get your bike back soon

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. For some reason this is the thing that annoys me the most. I think the next person to claim they've been trying to call me all day is going to cop a huge, completely irrational, rant rather than the usual "Sure you have...".

    The rest... par for the course I'm afraid. Does anyone run a service centre properly???
  4. I like people who tell me to come back tomorrow... only to call me within the hour and let me know they are finished and I can pick up what ever I was ment to pickup... Hmmm problem is this is not an ideal world.. and things like this almost never happen...
  5. typical - the service bloke that is always telling you how flat chat he is, but when you get there he's gas-bagging with some half-wit who works in the factory next door, or worse, reading dirty mags in the coffee room.

  6. an update

    looks like im gonna have to pick it up tomorrow, those damn tires still haven't come it!!! at least he seemed more apologetic this time, i think even he was surprised about the whole ordeal. :cry:
  7. stab him!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ive been done by a mechanic once before and never again!!
  8. You need to find yourself another garage, mate.
    There's no excuse for this sort of treatment.
  9. I say make him pay for the public transport costs you now have to endure as a result of not having your bike and for the inconvenience factor. I think it's only fair. If it isn't his fault then he can get the money out of the suppliers who keep f@#$ing up the delivery of your tyres.
  10. I got a new tyre fitted to my bike on Saturday...I have a mate who works for an auto shop so I get the tyre from him...I ring up BTX in Frentree Gully on Friday arvo and ask em how much to fit it if I have the tyre and just bring the bike to them...the guys says $22.50..ok I say great see you at 9am tomorrow.

    I drop bike off and the service guy says it will be about 20mins...ok no worries I have a look around the shop until the bike is ready. I go to pay the bill and it's now $38.50...I'm like WTF I was quoted $22.50 yesterday...the guys like oh we don't charge the extra $16.00 if you bought the tyre from us...the $22.50 is for fitting the tye to the rim and the $16.00 is for removing and refitting the rim from the bike.

    I told the guy I specifically mentioned on the phone I already had the tyre and would need it fitted to the bike and I was quoted $22.50 for what i asked for...his response was oh well sorry mate It must have been a misunderstanding...I was actually looking to get some work done and get some parts but now I know where not to go again...thanks fella's
  11. N1GH7-R1D3R... now thats some vgood thinking.

    i have coped too many times the: "we will have it by tomorrow morning".. tomorrow comes.. "later this afternoon it will be in"........... come back later..."sorry mate, the trucks been held over, try again tomorrow morning".... now the next day rolls around.... "sorry but they didnt come in" .... WTF!!??!!??.... "well why not i ask" they reply with "they are out of stock and there is a 10-14 day wait whilst they have them shipped over"

    since they done that to me twice now i get them to ring the supplier when im there, and .... it still freaking happened, my god i almost reached over there and tore his head off his shoulders and err you know what down his neck.....they no longer get my business....
  12. Yeh sounds frustrating being fed a load of rubbish and then asked to chew it over berfore swallowing it.truth be known he probably hadnt paid his account with supplier this does happen or he just doesnt give a shit about customer service SO DONT GO THERE AGAIN AND IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER TELL HIM AND HAVE A DUMMY SPIT LOL
  13. I bring the new tyre and the wheel to a joint around the corner and they charge me $10 + $2 if they keep the old tyre... They fitt it free if I buy tyres from them. (this is all providing I take the wheels off)

  15. We've been really happy with the service we get on our bikes at New World Honda (Victoria). Prices rarely deviate from what is quoted (and if it does not by much) and they always make sure to call before embarking on any extra stuff that wasn't originally asked for.

    They also have our bikes finished well in time for the agreed pickup time, and if their little vtr250 loan bike isn't available, they'll give me a lift home and come and get me when the bike's ready.
  16. Yeah - bike shops all have their moments of extreme suckness.... I was asked to pay for a bike that was still in parts in the workshop because they "wanted to get the money by the end of the month"!!!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but - in my mind, should you not have to pay until you get the finished product???!!!
  17. i just hope i get my damn bike today. Like it really gets me that they had from last tuesday(when i booked) to get my damn tire. As if it takes a WEEK! they are a big store, i dare say they often do tire orders. but i hate it when people bs me....like i really would have been less upset about the whole inconvenience if i was told the truth from the start.

    ps. thanks for all the support guys :D its nice to know im not the only one who gets screwed......and then wants to kill! :twisted:
  18. kage - sorry to hear about your frustration. I've yet to have my bike serviced, so have not experienced how good or bad bike mechs can be. Have experienced how bad car mechs can be though, on plenty of occasions. Trouble is, no matter how much complaining you do, they still never seem to get any better. If you stop giving them your business there are still plenty of other mugs that go to them. Anyway hope you get the bike back today. I couldn't be without by bike for the day let alone thw week.
  19. I had the same thing for just over a week day in day off trying to get the tyres.... and my bike really wanted the service too!!!! Some timesd you just got to have a sence of humour about those sort of things...

    Beyond your control... beyond your need to get annoyed...
  20. Yer the whole 1.5 litres of oil they will change and the 5 nuts and bolts they will adjust will cost you a week at the service place.
    It's a cb250 for crying out loud!
    A complete service on the CB takes all of 2 hours tops.