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A1 or Peter Stevens

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by xcamx, May 8, 2006.

  1. Hey People,

    I'm looking at getting my bike serviced at either 2 places in ringwood.
    Without giving anyone a bad name what do you guys suggest.
    I have had bikes serviced at both in the past and been reasonably happy.

    Being an almost new bike i want a good job.

    Thanks :grin:
  2. Where was the option for neither?
    Of the two... i'd let A1 shoot me in the foot before Peter Stevens. Can't you find another workshop?
  3. can anyone suggest a good workshop in ringwood/mitcham then?
  4. A1 did a good job servicing my mates bike... but if it is a newish bike why not take it to a Suzuki dealership??
  5. You could try In-Tune Motorcycle Service, I think their workshop is just out the back of Bike Mart. Did some good work for us a while ago on the ZZR250.
  6. PS is a suzuki dealership...
  7. Yes PS is a Suzuki dealership... as of two months?? I think it will be a little while b4 they figure Suzukis out... any how does any one remember why they lost the Kawasaki dealership??
  8. Who said they lost it? PS are a profit driven company like any other, maybe they dumped Kawasaki?

    It seems to me that PS like to have exclusive contracts with suppliers look at Hyosung, Triumph, Cagiva and Harley as examples. Not too much competition allows them to keep margins higher.
  9. For your bike I reccomend you go see PTR (Phil Tainton Racing).
    They are on Stud Road opposite the brickworks just up from Knox.

    They are the masters when it comes to that marque. Actually they are the master when it comes to anything on 2 wheels.

    Metro, previously Nova Honda & Ducati on Whitehorse Rd next to Tandy do a good job too.
  10. thanks guys!!!
  11. PS MELB is a new Suzuki Dealership, but Ringwood and Dandenong have had Suzuki since the year dot - the technology is a group resource.
    Kawasaki made the decision to eliminate multi franchise dealerships (their product couldnt compete on the same showroom floor?) - PS tried to fight it - after 30 years they had a major investment in shop space and inventory.
  12. Good first post! Welcome to the forums.

    It is interesting to note that Kawasaki is one of only two manufacturers to have sold less bikes last year than the year before :?
  13. "Metro, previously Nova Honda & Ducati on Whitehorse Rd next to Tandy do a good job too".
    Nova didnt have their own workshop and outsourced this to "Treads and Things" next to PS sevice centre. I've not found them any better than Redwing in that more times than not I get the bike back with something not done up, missing or whatever.
    PS arent too good, A1 are OK and I havent tried InTune yet but have spoken to the guy a couple of times and the boys at BikeMart speak well of them.
  14. Which service is it? 10k, 20k? If it's just changing oils and filters why pay some monkey top dollar to do it when you could just do it yourself?
  15. This guy is good. He did the 24k major service on on my old CBR600F4 (Tim or Jason is his name) and he's about spot on for price and is straight down the line. I was so happy he told me my shims were ok as is and I didn't have to fork out $$$ to get them done. he also did the odd bit on my Busa too.

    If you had to do a bike service in that area I'd be going to him. :grin:
  16. I wouldnt give the owner of A1,the steam of my p*ss,mechanics and store staff got no issues with,him,big issues :furious:
    I would take any Suzuki I own,to Mick Hone Suzuki in Maroondah hwy,Box Hill,no their stuff,been in the game for years,good mechanic,never had a problem.Im in Vermont and will ride there and take the train home,rather than give that guy a dime of my coin!
  17. A1...great for test rides, not so great for buying or servicing.
  18. I don't trust A1 Ringwood. The guy next door to me sold them his old ZX7R after it was on their floor on consignment for ages. Funny thing is it had 25k's less on the clock when I went and looked at it from when it was delivered to them... How do you explain that?
  19. Ask Cam in Ringwood Peter Stevens to service your bike for you :grin:
  20. Why? Can he make my 12k service into a 6k service :LOL: :LOL: