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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by homer501, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. i had my top end rebuilt cost 2500 and three months without a bike now i have just found that something has hit my spark plug .ring the mech and he says its not the head now its my big end bearing when i had the work done i said is it worth doing the lot as it is already apart he said no its fine now 4ooo ks later he says without even looking that its the big end wat should i do im lost and broke now watch out for this guy is not worth going to by the way that included a roadworthy $100 and front brake pads $90

  2. Wow top end rebuilt for $2500? What type of bike was it?
  3. zxr 750

    zxr 750 model
  4. 4000k, pfft, you coulda done any kind of shit in that time. No mechanic on earth could tell you what a big end bearing is going to do in 4000k's in a 10 year old bike.

    Daryl is an experienced mechanic and as far as I have seen, he always try's to do the right thing by other motorcyclists. I think unless you are a mechanic, you should keep your mouth shut about stuff you nothing about.
  5. Rebuilding a bottom end is a lot more major than ripping off a cylinder head, it's like asking "oh while you're fitting the front tyre, should I get the rear shock rebuilt"

    No one tears-down a bottom end in a street bike unless there is a noise coming from there or they have run it out of oil or something.
  6. re jonny o

    well he pulled the motor down cos he told me it was the main bearing then he said it was the head i said is it worth doing the main bearing while it was apart he had the crank out he told me it was fine it was just the head and the bottom end was fine now he says without even looking that the main bearing is gone u figger it out he quoted 2000 then 2200 then when i picked up the bike he charged me 2500 and talking to people around most have told me he can be a problem i have since heard from more than one person that they hav had problems with him
  7. im going to pull the motor down tonight so i will know more tonight
  8. As I said, a lot can happen in 4000k's, if a big end looked like it needed replacing, you'd be lucky to get 100k's out of it.

    If I were you, I'd be giving a mechanic the FULL story before shooting my mouth off on a public forum.

    I am in the industry, have been for over 30 years, plus I have been building race engines for over 30 years so take it from me, Daryl is no dick.

    Get another mechanic to talk to Daryl and let him explain it to someone that will understand, then they can explain it to you in simple terms.
  9. I'm happy to drop around tomorrow and give you the benefit of my opinion if you like, I raced ZXR's for 4 years and have had the engine's apart so I am no stranger to them.

    PM me your address and a time that suits you once you get it apart and I'll come around.
  10. Honestly mate, tidy up your punctuation. And spelling. And grammar. I've got no idea what you're talking about, but I read something about 'top end' in there :grin:
  11. I don't know your mechanic, so I won't bag him, however as I am a mechanic, I can tell you that unless Daryl has seen the bike as it is now, how can be possibly claim that a plug hitting a piston would be a big end issue???
    I agree with Johnny O that it's impossible to tell you what a big end bearing will do over 4000km in a 10 year old machine, but same goes for a mechanic telling you what the problem is without looking at the bike.

    If I were having a stab in the dark, I would say a cam chain/tensioner or a rod or piston has snapped off but that would be very noisy when it happened.

    $2500 for a top end rebuild on a ZXR750 is by industry standards expensive, that is assuming no major parts like cam, or valves were replaced instead of lapped.
  12. thanks for the reply it was a second hand head i pulled motor out and down in 5 hours a valve snapped 4 bolts that hold the cam down at the timing chain end over the bearings were all loose not even finger tight id say he forgot to do them up so why did he charge me 1200 in labour then anoyher 100 dollors labor for doing the brakes and didnt even bleed them or the clutch i did them after i got it back they were full of crap he didnt even change the fluids but told me he did coolant level was low in the radiator he didnt even fill the coolant bottle oil was on the lower level not in the middle
  13. By pulling the motor down yourself, you have all but ruined any chance of having redress. I am not surprised that it appears to be a cam related issue, not a big end.
  14. thanks tweet i know but im not willing to wait another 3 months to get my bike back again and listening to his bullshit im lucky i bought new piston and rings cheap and yes they are new and origanal kwaka partsmy mate and i will do a better job than he did as soon as i get a workshop manual that is and wont lie to myself it will take me two weeks to get the parts and it will only cost me 900 bucks tops i should have done it myself in the first place he charged me 700 for the head alone said it was in very good condition and one more thing we couldnt even get the nut that holds the front sprocket of it was that tight that it broke a breaker bar with half inch drive mind u it was an old breaker bar it could have been weakened long b4 last night oh and i cleaned up my earlier posts as i have calmed down a fair bit as im starting to get over the fact i wasted 2500 dollors on something i now have to do again
  15. by the way the valve that snapped is the only one that had a new shim in it and the cam where that valve was is was worn all the way round. The valve was clean as new and the stem of the valve was white wich more than likely means the valve was not sealing properly and running lean
  16. I just don't like how some think you know nothing about bikes and try things on.
  17. the fact i know he has heard about this thread and hasnt called me or even responded in this forum is not suprising at all
  18. I reckon you're full of it. Seriously, you paid for a top end rebuild, didn't take it back to have them rectify the problem, and now you're bagging them out, when you offered them no recourse, and voided any chance of a warranty you had by tearing into it yourself!?
    What a fool.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. i wasnt prepared to wait another 3 months for the bike to be back on the road it quicker to do it my self he pulled the motor all the way down without even checking the head cos he said it was the bottom end then he looked at the head he made the mistake and i had to pay for it i did call him only to be told over the phone it was the crank not the head. i rang him on the day to pick up the bike to be told it was 2200 get there and it was 2500 im not that stupid as to even let him touch the bike again o and when i left the bike there thye quote was 2000