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A year in review

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    I've been toying with this idea for a while now and have decided to pull my finger out and make it so.

    What I am wanting to do is to put together a DVD slideshow of pics that have been taken by you.

    What I would like are any good quality photos that you have taken whilst out on the bike.
    You would zip all the images into one folder per event.

    Basically, if you went for a ride to Reefton and took a heap of shots then you would name that zip file reefton_ride_01.01.08

    That way when it comes time to slap it all together it makes sense to the viewer. I can also include your submissions as a chapter.

    Those that contribute to the project will receive a copy of the final product free of charge.

    To send us your photos simply email them to photos@netrider.net.au
    There is a 15MB file size limit so if you have files larger than 15mb, break them up.

    Easy peezy.

  2. I assume it's ride-events only, like these ones here, not "Monthly Photo Competition" vanity photos of the bike in your garage/driveway/carpark? :)
  3. Yes mate.

    That's is what I'm after. Photo's of group rides, solo rides, weekends away on your bike photos, etc etc.
  4. Oh, bother, forgot about this.

    I'll write a reminder on my hand with BIG FAT MARKER PEN. :grin:
  5. I`ve got a few good pics for you Vic. Will send them to you when I get back to Australia.

  6. I have a bucket load of of pictures to share. :)

    On the other hand, I have absolutely no idea what a zip file is? :cry:

    Mine are jpeg or mpeg or whatever my camera makes or something. :? I'll have a look.

    Edit: They are all this type: JPEG Image (.jpg) :)
  7. A Zip file is a compressed file usually with a collection of other files (ie pictures) inside... in a real world case thing of those vaccume zip lock bags, all yor stuff is still there, it just takes up less room :)

    You can get a free trial of a program to make and open these files from here:
  8. Posting late and not sure if this helps.

    I don't have any but Pinx, K a r e n, and guye77 all posted links to a cartload of good photos in the [VIC] Easy Beginner’s Ride to Daylesford., Sun May 18th thread.

    There were about 45 riders on the ride so quite a few pics of Netriders and bikes in large groups.

    Pinx's pics

    K a r e n's pics

    guye77's pics
  9. Would it be easier to post a few links to Photobucket - then you let us know which picks you'd like in full resolution??

    Like many got hundreds of pics - here's one trips worth http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v686/dwg99/Nundle Oct08/

    Or happy to copy a CD full of pics and send them in the post?