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A win against rabid environmentalism

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone wanted to raise the congestion charge in London to £25 [up from £8] then make it free for little fuel-efficient cars [obviously ignoring bikes altogether, because that's what governments do].

    Looks like everyone figured out:
    1) This could encourage LOTS of smaller cars into the city, rather than just discouraging big ones.
    2) Ken Livingstone is a twat.

    Because they voted Boris Johnson in who promised not to raise the congestion charge.

    Article here.

    For those in the know, Porsche UK were actually going to take the ex-London Mayor to court over the proposed changes to prevent them because of point 1 above [and secretly point 2].
    They were set to bust a move in the courtroom over it, but now don't have to thanks to enough people who aren't idiots who ALSO vote; so they're donating what they'd allocated for legal fees to charity.

    Good on 'em.

    Bonus links:
    Penn & Teller on Recycling
    ... awww, I also had a vid with the audio from a radio interview with Jeremy Clarkson and an Environmentalis, but it's been taken down by YouTube :(
  2. Good news.
    I hate those rabbit envronmentalists

    Wait, what...
  3. Before condemning the London congestion charge it's worth remembering the following:-

    1) Bikes are specifically exempted, not merely ignored.
    2) On introduction of the charge, PTW use in London jumped 20%.
    3) On introduction of the charge, PTW casualty crashes dropped 20%.

    Still think it's a bullshit idea?
  4. Yes.

    PTW [Powered Two Wheeled vehicle; for anyone else who was thinking WTF does PTW mean?] and public transport in cities should be encouraged by governments.

    They are an excellent solution to congestion, emissions and road wear & tear.

    Price of petrol is already a good incentive.
    Governments should lower registration costs, tolls, and prove more parking for bikes and scooters.

    Not just throw another tax on people.
  5. Yes the price of petrol is having an effect, if the cost was higher it would have more effect... it's heading upwards and will continue to do so price pressure will have more effect as time goes on.

    Yes they should lower registration costs, toll and provide more parking for motorbikes and scooters.

    They should also encourage walking, push bikes and more fuel efficient cars over less fuel efficient cars.

    If that means taxing guzzler vehicles more and that's a new tax then so be it.

    Gas Guzzlers will die quicker then and the sooner the better.
  6. If you think Ken Livingston was a twat the you'll love Boris. The main plan of his election plan was to make sure he kept his mouth shut so that the London public wouldn't be reminded what a first class cock he is.

    If you've ever driven in London you'd realise what a waste of time it is. No one drives into London apart from the rich and almost everyone that has a reason to be there gets an exemption...
  7. Motorcyclists in the UK may well be mourning the defeat of Ken Livingstone in the recent election. He may be a rabid environmentalist (although I'm not sure about that), but he stood up to considerable pressure from the government to make sure that motorcyclists didn't get charged the tax.
    Yes the tax was his policy, but NO, he didn't allow it to be applied to bikes.
    Matters not now, anyway. He's out.