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A White Ninja

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by aussieak, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. I been a little bit busy riding to post sooner.
    Here is my new bike. Photos from the day I picked up at the dealer. Alex 002. Alex 006. Alex 007. Alex 008.

  2. Very nice aussieak. Hope it ticks all your boxes.
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  3. Nice.

    Nuff said.

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  4. 1st service is almost due. Does this answer the question?
  5. It didn't get done today? Slack!
  6. He was booked out. I
  7. Congrats mate!
    Nice machine. I wanted to hug this thing when I saw her this Saturday :)

    Enjoy it!
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  8. Holy Moses, I thought my ninja was hot.

    Boy was I wrong!
    Congrats on the sexy looking thing! No doubt it rides even better than it looks!
  9. Your ninja has the power to grow into one of these say 15 months time ;)
    Thanks BTW
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  10. I really hope this one works out for you. Unfortunately everytime I see pics I just get this in my head...

    Maybe because I'm comparing it to the Daytona. All the best
  11. Nice looking bike. What made you ditch the Daytona in favour of the ZX?
    I was left extremely impressed with the test ride I had on a 2012 Daytona.
  12. Mainly ergonomics pure and simple. If I had the coin I would kept both and tracked the Daytona
  13. I had a feeling it would have been that, the Daytona is a tall bike and very leaned over.
    Good luck on the new bike.
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  14. Nice one! I'm looking to step up from my Ninja 300 to a new 636 or ZX10R later this year!
  15. I had a decent look at the 636 almost test rode but had the similar ergonomic issues as the Daytona in the rear sets. Curse this short fat body of mine.
  16. Yea I really should have ago at sitting one them but its a 6hr trip mabey 4 if I'm lucky to find some where with one in stock... I was lucky with my 300.
  17. Congrats mate, she looks lovely in white :)
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  18. Very very nice pick up mate :)
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  19. Nice one, I hope you enjoy the ride. Sorry to see you leave the triple club :)
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  20. Going to change the 80's Radio Shack exhaust ?
    And those mirrors are wide as. If it was a person you would hear them say " He has ears like the F.A. Cup ! "