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A whimsical thought regarding the posterior

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by incitatus, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. I was sitting in traffic this very cold morning, carefully rotating my hands around the heated grips of my PanzerKampfWagen R1150R (to ensure an even application of warmth), when a thought hit me.........

    Has any manufacture come up with a heated seat? I have seen heated clothing, but not a heated seat. Just think about the potential of a properly warmed posterior....oooooh the luxury, and guys, its not just the butt....I know all of you with a few k's under the belt have experience after a long bitter cold ride, the call to nature that required a magnifying glass to find the shrivelled blue requisite.

    Dream on McDuff....
  2. buy a Saab, like Vic!
  3. A SAAB?.....is that the Viggen, the Draken, or one of those funny looking cars they also make?
  4. OOO very good, knows his old Saab planes (then he is ancient, like me!)
    No, Vic drives a Saab 900 cabriolet
  5. Old.....ME........hell I was riding back when Pontius was a pilot. I remember the, 'gasp drool what is the world coming to' launch, of the Honda 750 four. I remember how to stuff the crankcase of a Bantam to up the pressure.....I..guess I am old.
  6. The K12 LT had that, even in ancient 2001 :) :)
  7. Doh.....I should have known that.....sod the alzheimers.