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A which bike thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by John P, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    So some of you may have noticed my last post about my crash. Well I just got word today...finally!..that the bike is a'total loss'. Two options I have, a pay out, or a replacement bike. I got a good deal on the bike and the same model is $500 more now so the replacement option will save me a bit of money if I go the same. However, I have had a quick ring around and it seems the bike I had is largely out of stock. So i'm having a quick look around for other bikes if the insurance can't replace it. I'm really after feedback with actual experience not biased and judgmental opinions. These two bikes I'm about to mention will cop a lot of flak and I have already a lot about them and would like some opinions regarding my specific position.

    For information sake I am not interested in going ridiculously fast in a straight line. I like corners. I had a crappy 318is for many years and flogged the crap out of it and loved every minute of its granny defying pace. I have that same mentality with bikes, fast around the corners, cruise on the straights. Why use brakes? (ok I do need to work on this-see crash post) So basically what i'm after is a good handling fun bike. Most of my riding will be in and around the city with the odd joy ride every couple of weeks. I want a bike that I can learn skill on. I won't be going higher than a 250 until I have eeked every bit of skill out of the smaller bike. If I upgrade at all (my D is adequately large). Now that I have hopefully preempted the 'just want a cheap one before you upgrade' and 'you'll get bored' bollocks I can get to the bikes and my worries about them.

    The original bike.
    Hyosung gt250r 2014
    Originally purchased due to price and the two year warranty. The aggressive body position is much more comfortable to me. The size of this bike is also a lot more comfortable than others in the class and price range. On those two points I will again get one instead of the more expensive kawa and honda. Issues I had were of course reliability worries, stalled somewhat with the warranty. It had a couple of issues in quality control I guess. A bit of fuel escaping from the cap, instrument thingy rattling. But all excusable with the price. Craftsmanship costs ya?

    The other bike. I just spoke to someone selling and if he is honest a really good deal.
    Yamaha r125 2012
    These things look awesome and the build quality is great. Really good handling and something that I will really be able to learn on. Essentially a much better bike than the hyo except that it is a 125. I know most of you guys laugh at that but see earlier () where I mentioned the size of my...
    Most of my riding is under the 100k mark and in and around the city. My worry is not about being bored but on safety. Is something so small truly safe in the city? And the big question is the fun of such a bike able to negate the negatives.

    So that's it guys. Hopefully we can get past the hyo bashing and the tiny bike discrimination. I want to learn how to ride well and am after a good bike that can do that. If anyone has experience with the 125 especially please chime in. These are the only two bikes i'm interested in so don't waste effort by replying with 'get a gpx' 'get a ninja'. I don't like them and I won't buy one. One further note I'm pretty sure the 125 will hold its value a lot better for when I do sell.

    Thanks for reading guys. It was a chore I know.
  2. If your were happy with your hyosung then go and buy another one. If u think u may like the 125 then go ride one and find out, I found the 125 just a chore to ride. Constantly having to be on the throttle 3/4 to get it going is not fun if u ask me.
    I hear that the hyo 250 and 650 are the same dimensions so rather than blindly rule out a bigger cc bike go out and ride one. I would be very surprised if u didnt find its extra torque and power easier to ride and end up liking it.
  3. Yeah the 650 hyo is the same. Main reason I'm not not bigger is money. I don't have anymore and I really don't want to spend anymore. Not just on a lams bike but in general.
    Did you get any enjoyment out of the 125 at all?
  4. In regards to the 125, I get enjoyment out of any bike I ride. It's just I find having to rev the tits off a little motor quickly gets tiring after a while. If it comes down to $ and I had the choice of a new 250 hyo or a 3-4 year old 650 with 10000 klms on it, i would rather ride the 650 all day long.
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  5. well if you're not really open up for recommendations for any other bikes, ride the 2 you have chosen and pick the one YOU want.

    but for the sake of it, if you're not a big bloke just get the 125.. it will be a bit more reliable and it seems to fit what you need it for.

    Highway riding and long trips it won't be as great but eh.
  6. I sound like a bit of an arse don't I?!
    I spent a lot of time looking for bikes originally and these were the two that stood out. I'm not interested in others for various reasons and I'm just trying to save space, time and everyone's effort.

    I had a look at the 650's and just over price range. I've already stretched more than I wanted the first time.
    I guess I won't know if revving will be tiring on a couple of test rides. Cheers I will keep it in mind.

    I'm long and lanky hence the taller bikes and comfort.
    The 125 I had a look at is under 1000k as well. So I don't see any reliability issues in the near future.

    Has anyone had a lot of experience in regards to the handling on these guys?

    Cheers for the insights
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  8. I have not ridden either sorry i can't help on that..

    search the forums though.. lots of info here.

    I was gonna recommend u the gs500 its been good to me for a couple years now, reliable etc.. and i'm a bigger bloke, i'm not sure of your price range though? i don't think u really said it.

    it would be good for your needs also, plus gives you that little bit of extra power to get out of trouble, and they hold their value as well!

    i'm looking at upgrading sometime next year to a street triple once the funds allow it.
  9. I've had a '11 Hyo 650R for 3 and a half years now. The only issue I've had with it is dodgy RRs, but, a lot of other makes have had issues with them as well.
    As long you maintain the bike, service it regularly and look after it, you'll be fine.

    I've had the RR replaced under warranty 3 times and then bit the bullet and bought a mosfet one off www.roadstercycle.com
    Excellent build quality and a stable voltage of ~14.2 volts from idle to 5k revs.

    I bought this bike brand new when on my Ls and it is a very easy bike to learn on. I'm now on my fulls and have had the throttle stop out to make it full powered. Granted, it's not the most powerful bike, but, it's plenty fun in the twisties and easy to commute on and gets the job done.
    Parts are cheap if you need things replaced.

    Based on my experience, I'd recommend you buy an EFI '10 upwards Hyo 650. They're easy to learn on and are very forgiving. You won't get bored of it easy either.
    You can pick up a very good used example for less money than you would for a new 250R
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  10. you want an aggressive riding position and something you can have fun on? cbr250rr /zxr250

    yes they are stupid old bikes and can give you many headaches if they start fcuking up

    and i could be wrong here but i'd say most riders would opt for one of these bikes over a hyo 250 or yamaha 125 4 stroke.....i'd completely understand given if you'd turn your nose up as it's a risk to take one of these old girls on .....but maybe you should try and find one you can test ride just to see what its like (psssst.....cbr's suck - get a zxr...upside down forks for the win !)
  11. +1 to this. I recently traded up my 650 to something bigger because I was fed up with revving the tits off the motor on the freeway, so I can't imagine having to deal with that on a 250 or (gasp!) a 125 all the time.

    A 3-4 year old Hyo would not be my own personal choice, I'd probably look at something Suzuki/Honda-branded. Pick up something with 20k+ km on the clock and the price difference shouldn't be that huge if you negotiate a bit, and you often can. My recent purchase ended up almost $2000 cheaper after a bit of friendly discussion. Totally worth it.
  12. Yeah i'm generally steering away from older bikes as I have minimal mechanical knowledge. And most likely I will buy a dud and be unable to fix it myself.
    Point taken though and i'll probably steer clear of a 125 due to the revving. I don't really want to change bikes too often so a couple of years for it.
    Cheers guys