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A wheelie, wheelie close call...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Deadsy, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Looks like the wet road contributed to both the moment as well as allowing him to save it. Crazy stuff, it is scary just watching it.

  2. Sheesh!

    Bet his butt hole was puckering big time!
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  4. I have done something similar but no where near as extreme, bet his groin muscles hurt for weeks after that
  5. Time for a change of knickers..
  6. Now that's a ****ing close call! And that tree making an appearance, just when you need one!

    Judging by the way that tyre was spinning, I wouldn't be surprised if he accidentally downshifted while putting the wheelie down.
  7. My back tyre kicked out today while I was changing lanes, and went diagonally in to the left lane. Was prety scary.
  8. I think he just landed it crossed up.
  9. I agree, but why? He seemed to be fairly competent at the process from teh first one. It looked as though it went down much sooner than he intended for some reason, so front was still very crossed.
  10. I noticed he started going left and right a bit entering that long corner so maybe he hit a little wet spot that put his balance off slightly. Top marks for the save though, that was some skill right there! (even though it was stupid to do in the wet anyway)
  11. Yep, it looks like he had some sort of moment while still doing the wheelie and the front came down hard.
  12. I've watched that a few times now, and I still have absolutely no idea how he didn't drop it.

    Would that be classed as a tank slapper?
  13. not really, just dancing with the devil.
  14. Ye Gods. Okay popping wheelings on the road, in the dry on a good day.. Okay yeah fair enough, it CAN be done safely.

    In the wet.. not a very good idea.
    In the wet on a big motard? Potential Organ Donor in the making methinks!!
  15. Not at all. People who have only ever ridden road bikes wouldn't have experienced it, but you can do a lot to save a motard/trail bike in that sort of situation.

    I have had the back wheel so crossed up it was in front of the front wheel in my direction of travel, after crossing a tram line in the wet on my old trail bike (when I was younger). Turning into the slide, holding the throttle constant, and putting weight on the peg inside the slide, then waiting for the bike to come back into line is all that is required.

    I think that bloke did have a little slip of the back wheel, or it spun up on the wet, and he dropped it faster than he wanted. But he nearly came off because he started tapping the brakes, as shown by his brake light. It was a good save, but could have been better, or avoided all together.
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