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A wet motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by brayo, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. hi all,

    so today hasn't started well. i wake up an find that it's been raining all night, and still was, and off i went to go to work. now the problem is that i havent waxed my jacket :( . i had to go out as there was no other choice.

    so i got to work a little wetter but not as bad as i thought :) . i immediately wiped down my jacked and have hung it over the chair to air and dry.

    i have wax on order and i should be here this week.

    is there anything els i can / should do? will the water kill my jacket immediately?

    thanks in advance
  2. Just make sure it's fully dry before waxing it. Don't wanna seal in the moisture. Usually they'll resist a certain amount of water anyway.

    Oh, and if the water has got inside making it sodden, it can dry a bit hard and crusty if you dry it too quickly (direct hot air), but will soften as you wrestle it back onto your body. I've heard that you should dry it more slowly, but that can take a couple of days.
  3. ya should have ordered some sno-seal from the Store
  4. dont worry about it mate..... its made out of leather..... if that was the case all the cows would running into shelter haha
    just leave it to dry normally and you will be fine... :grin:
  5. thanks guys,

    hopefully it will clear up ( the weather) before knock off time.
  6. I usually carry a dri-rider one piece oversuit as an emergency. I took my bulkiest jacket and pants with me into the bike shop and tried one on. You need to get it a size or two oversize so you can put it straight on over your leathers/goretex or whatever on the side of the road by yourself.

    There about $100-150 from memory and well worth it.
  7. *cough*disappointingly-misleading-heading*cough*
  8. Was thinking the same thing. :wink:
  9. my suggestion would be go and buy a ixon diablo, textile jacket, they are they ducks guts in the wet

    its it raining before you leave, don the ixon and leave the leather at home

    its one thing to put wax on incase you get caughgt out in the rain in a leather jacket, but to leave home in it when it is raining is crazy
  10. +1

    If you are commuting all year round , get yourself a textile jacket and maybe some pants.
  11. Use DUBBIN leather conditioner - follow the instructions on the tin.

    If you can't get that, some lanolin spray will get you out of trouble till you get wax, whatever that is...

    my leather repairer recommends Dubbin or Lanolin - and he knows better than me, and he's got the 20 year old bike jacket to prove it.
  12. Gee, Carol, just how much leather do you own that you've got your own repairer. :wink:
  13. I wear the same jacket all year around, textile Rjays one that is surprisingly good.

    If it's raining heavily I'll just chuck my grossly oversized $10 bunnings poncho and away I go. Pretty easy to me...
  14. Went on a bike trip this past weekend...was rained on the entire time.

    I have a $20 pair of textile over pants from Aussie Disposals. Also pinched my Mum's 'wet weather' jacket that she got thrown in when Dad bought his 2nd hand 250 as she doesn't ride anymore. And I bought a pair of Dainese Marge D-Dry gloves for $70...total...$90.

    The boys had their dririder gear...at LEAST maybe $150+ each.

    Result? Pia - dry as a bone
    Boys - saturated.

    You don't have to spend a lot of money to be dry :grin:
  15. I seen this the other day at the bike shop and the guys there where testing it ,so far they said its been great but they hadn't ridden in a thunder storm yet ........anyone got one?????.

    See ...rain wear>>>Alpinestars Eclipse Tech Over Jacket.

    It's funny because if it's raining ,I put on a texil touring jacket to save my leather jacket from getting wet and don't worry about my skin .
    Atleast I will be dry while sliding along the road and saved my leather jacket and it will still look good.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. how does this go as a summer jacket? might get one.

  17. I am sure the ride in the car on the way back certainly had nothing to do with how dry you stayed :p

  18. Oi...that was only an hour/1.5 hrs...the rest I was with you all :p

    We had constant rain on the way back 'member :p

    Suck it up - I was dry, you weren't....ner ner ner ;) :LOL:
  19. I don't own enough leather items - damn lucky I have a friend who owns a naughty shop to keep me well stocked!! and a man to fix things for me!! :grin:
  20. Get a cheap synthetic waterproof overjacket, a couple sizes larger than your current jacket. Pack it up real tight, and leave it on the bike at all times.

    Regards, Andrew.