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A weird one for the geeks

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 8, 2011.

  1. A weird one for the geeks: Postscript

    Transferring files from the computer to a USB stick is easy, right? Select the files and either drag or copy/paste, and wait, right?

    Well, on two different Windows 7 machines and two different (though identical) USB sticks, the results have been less than simple.

    51 folders, each containing a music album. USB stick formatted FAT32, 26 folders arrive safely with all content intact, 25 folders arrive, but empty.

    OK, delete the empty ones, and transfer them again, 5 at a time. Guess what, they arrive with all content, but the ones which had arrived ok suddenly lose THEIR content? :shock:.

    Transfer the 51 folders to an XP machine, drag all 51 to the (newly-reformatted, just in case) USB stick, and it works perfectly.

    Trouble is, I KNOW I've done this, on BOTH the Windows 7 machines, heaps of times before, and its always worked.

    Answers on the back of a new straight-jacket, please :LOL: :?
  2. Use a command prompt.

    (if you don't know how, type help copy)

    Edit: actually that would be xcopy not plain vanilla copy
  3. Could be that the content did infact copy but the explorer process is just not reading/displaying properly...

    I too would suggest using the command prompt to either perform the copy, or to at least verify it afterwards.
  4. Is it a new USB new stick?
  5. +1 to Jay, I have seen a few Chinese counterfeit USB sticks floating around the market. They are much smaller in capacity than they report. They give this kind of error.
  6. reformat stick then try again
  7. The USB sticks came from Aldi, I've used stacks of them with no problem
    I DID reformat the drive to NTFS but that didn't help, and now I can't format it to any format, so it's shot :(
    I'll try some of these alternative copy methods later, thanks for the suggestions ;)

    Talking through a tap on my Galaxy S!
  8. copy X:\*.* c:\THISFOLDER

    thats the old dos command (of course replace X with whatever drive letter ur USB stick has and "thisfolder" should already be created)
    You can create the directory from dos also if u want using
    md thisfolder

    When its finished copying, if the files dont show in windows explorer still try hitting F5 and it will refresh the directory its viewing for new content (f5 also works to refresh ur screen for when you copy files to the desktop and they are invisible)

    Is a wierd one hey aint seen it before
  9. I missed the point that they have worked on XP sorry. I would try the Xcopy option but I suspect you have an intermittent fault in the keys. Bought at the same time they are probably from the same manufactured batch.
  10. Also right click/properties to see what the size of the 'empty' file is. You may find the files are there but not visible like someone said. It happens.
  11. I got the files onto the new USB stick using an XP computer; this arvo I'm going to get a different brand stick and try the process again with my Win 7 machine......
  12. That sounds exactly like the chinese knockoff overwrite loop.
  13. Ah windows... wonderful system.
  14. except, as I've already said, the USB sticks were from ALDI, and I've used them heaps of times before.....
  15. Yeah sounds weird, just curious if the 2 machines areon the same network and how oftern do you move files around? May be simpler to do a network drive short cut.
  16. I'd do that, but all I was trying to do was to put some music files I've recorded off some REALLY old LPs onto the stick for a friend of mine.
  17. They might be still be different than earlier ones, though. Add to that that FAT32 is a bit long in the tooth now, so maybe even if Win 7 still lets you format with it, it might not play nice with it on some hardware.
  18. Having done everything you did, I'd conclude that it's defective and get a refund from Aldi.

    The more reliable brands include: Transcend, Sandisk, Corsair, Kingston, OCZ.
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    I often neglect hardware issues. Stuffed around with video card drivers for two weeks as vids were skipping. Turned out to be a hard disk on the way out.