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A way around LAMS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by aldrich, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all, this is my first post.

    I have already read some of the topics and have enjoyed reading them and getting my questions answered.

    I have 1 question though.

    If i write a letter to the RTA about a specific bike I wanna ride, do you think they will let me?

    see there's this bike i wanna ride - the ZXR 400. its so beautiful.

    and its only about 15kw over the 150kw limit.

    do u think i would have a case?

    also how do cops know that your bike is learner legal anyways?

    i've been riding my GPX for about 6 months now and not one was i pulled over and been checked.

    does anyone know of any way around LAMS?
  2. First of all, welcome to Netrider.

    Lines in the sand have to be drawn somewhere; everyone could ask for an exceptional case for his or her bike, and before you know it learners would be on 900 Fireblades. The list is the list and I've never heard of it being departed from.

    Police don't have to know every bike on the LAMS list, but if you flash by, or are pulled over, all they have to do is access the computer system, and you're gone.

    And if you are pulled over for riding a bike over the LAMS limit, you can expect to be penalised.
  3. Indeedy doody. On the RTA screen of the computer check done on your bike will be a little field that will have the letters "LA" meaning Learner Approved. If that doesn't come up & you're on your L's.... :(

    As for applying for special circumstances, I believe manufacturers would be the only ones who would have a hope in hell of getting a bike put on the LAMS list. Joe Citizen would have no show.
  4. I recall reading posts of some people (I think from Tasmania) who would get exemptions to the 250cc rule on the basis of their requirements, such as their large size and weight... that's the closest I can think of, and it was in Tassie... I don't like your chances with this.
  5. My boss was exempted a few years ago from the 250cc rule in SA based on being a fat bastard.

    He bought a harley and rode it with L's prominently displayed.
  6. Damn.. now you tell me.

    Fat Bastard Rokster
  7. put on weight.
    State to the RTA that under ur current weight u make up for the extra power to weight ratio of the bike

    See how ya go.
  8. however now that LAMS is here in SA, no way in hell will he get away with that anymore
  9. Be over 30 and go to unrestricted license straight away.
  10. Cops can tell if your riding a LAM by your rego sticker which has LAM printed on it....
    Could you imagine all the wannabe racers out there on thier Ls with litre sport bikes :LOL: no one would pass thier Ps test :LOL: they wouldn't be able to do the cone weave or u-turn :rofl:
  11. it's probably off topic, but i went for my P's and do agree with other people that I expected a bit more "challenge" in having to pass it.

    the hardest part about the exam was the waiting to pass the test.

    but anyways, thanks for the advice... ill let u know if im succesful
  12. Ok, I agree with the LAMS rules - Hell, I rode a CBX250 for chrissakes....

    but a mate is going for his license soon, and I've been studying the list... i can get a nice, clean CBX550, but its not on the list... but the CB500 is !!

    I'm assuming that a quick call to the RTA would have some phone monkey looking at the same list as me and going, well, there's no CBX500 on the list, so no .....

    Ideas ?