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A warning to others. Turn off your headsets...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jabba, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. The otherday I had just come back from a ride and felt the urge for some quite time on the loo, as I'm want to do. Pant around my ankles, I get comfy on the old porcelain throne and whip out my phone for a bit of, um... diversion... Thoroughly engrossed in said diversion I am suddenly interrupted by a knock on the toilet door. It was my wife holding my helmet asking me why it was making these noises. Shit! I'd left my Sena headset on and it was pumping out my diversion in all its glory! Busted by my own helmet. And here I was thinking we were friends.

    Has this happen to anyone else?
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  2. #2 Oldmaid, Jan 5, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2015
    :ROFLMAO:@Jabba time to lay off the loo um.. diversion...was your helmet moaning...? Sighing? Was that pant (ing) around your ankles????
    Shit eh?
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  3. Oh shit, that's gold! :hilarious:
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  4. Priceless!

    I was walking through the office the other week to speak with one of the managers.. as I was passing one of the guys in the team his phone starts going full tilt, one startled look and a hurried shutting up of the phone.....:hilarious: He said he was listening to Dr Dre or something of the like.. needless to say, I've seen him wearing headphones from then on. :headphone:
  5. Have you considered having your wife come with you on your next ride?
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  6. #6 Oldmaid, Jan 5, 2015
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    I once had a lapel mike strapped onto me about 15 mintues before a conference session as I was the opening speaker. It was an important overseas affair, high level colleagues (okay masters then) and I was shittin myself.
    I wandered around humming and muttering various fcuks, shits etc etc under my breath and then went and gulped down some water just outside as the mob was filing in.
    Wandered back into the auditorium coughed and nearly shat myself- nearly blew my ear drums and everyone else's out!!!!
    I was liiiiiiive the whole frickin time...nerves what nerves... jesus wept Hoping most of me aussie vernacular was lost in translation.

    All I could think of once the heart palpitations stopped was thank the good gods I didn't go and have a nervous jelly belly toilet session as well:whistle:
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  7. This deserves the start of a thread for some sort of competiton for annual award of the Golden Throne or something. I dunno "All my own work - Oh sh**t moment" or something. It's day 5 and Jabba is first entrant with the bar set high.
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  8. I'm not sure what exactly was going through the speakers at the time as i was franticly trying to find the pause button, but if I had to guess it was probably "oh yeah big boy, harder, oh yeah, now put it in my butt, oh yeah, now call me little sister, oh yeah, oh, now pretend like Dad is coming..." wait what?
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  9. Can you send me the link please?:asshat:
  10. watch it before the mods remove it. http://goo.gl/2BqSyR
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  11. Oh my god JabbaJabba that is OBSCENE! What an offense to the senses- even I wouldn't stoop so low...(my back ain't so good these dayz)
    I don't know how that fitted in there or what they were thinking to even try...I think I am going to be :hungover:
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  12. I might have to see if Lana's up for trying that.
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  13. Oh man didnt you realise that thr phone was silent when the volume was up. Always gotta check the volume haha
  14. yeah, I'm not the sharpest tool...
  15. This is by far the funniest fcuking thread i have ever read in my life. I was just on the floor almost in tears!!!!
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  16. I almost did it again at work lol! luckily the toilet was out of range of my headset...
  17. You're a dirty article! Are you on a special list somewhere?;)
    Every time someone mentions sena you are forever seared into my mind...moan!:p
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  19. I've had people snoozing when I was the last topic at the end of the day, topic so they can get points for registration. I pulled the talk up short. I must be that ### boring!
    PS Just attached a SENA to my helmet last weekend, gees JabbaJabba, am I now WARY!!
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