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A warning about "CE" ratings

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by GnomeOomps, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to inform everyone of something I have been aware of for a while now in regards to CE ratings showing on products.

    You will read in some descriptions that a piece of armour (Plus a lot of other things) have a CE rating applied to it.
    There are two meanings to "CE".

    The first is Conformité Européenne or as most of us know it: "That means it is good". This is the mark that means the product has met the standards set by EU safety requirements.

    The other is China Export.

    To spot the difference between the two have a look at the C and E, if they are spaced a bit apart or if you completed the C into a circle and it would join the E then it is the real logo, the other one are where the two letters are right next to each other without a space, that would be China Export.
    (Check out the wiki link at the bottom if my lame explanation doesnt make sense)

    The reason why I brought this up was I was just looking at the label of my Aldi motorbike pants and they have the China Export logo on it saying that the thigh and knee guards are CE approved.

    So i guess just as a warning when you are buying any motorbike gear that is showing a CE approval rating on it, have a closer look and make sure it is legit.

    Sorry mods if this is in the wrong section, i figured it would apply to people looking at riding gear. Please move it if required. :)

    **EDIT** Just found a wiki link to information on this.
  2. Yes I have seen this as well. A blatant attempt by Chinese manufacturers to get around Standard marks.

    From Wikipedia article:

    120px-CeMark. [​IMG]

    The one on the left is European Compliance on the right is China Export. And they expect to be taken seriously as manufacturers. :roll:
  3. You beat me to it GnomeOomps :)
  4. Very interesting find and very much a useful bit of information - nice find!
  5. Wiki also says
    Sounds like false and/or misleading advertising to me, even if it's not
    trademark infringement. Or else, the Aldi pants really are "Communite
    European" approved but you're still not confident in the quality else
    you would not be suspicious. Lesson: if you want good gear, buy
    from a good seller (ie an established motorbike store). It's
    called "provenance".
  6. Being that it is wikipedia, validity of information is skewed. I dont take it word for word, and i am not saying that it is trademark infringement. (And i dont think it is a trademark.... could be wrong)

    I knew what type of quality i was buying when i got them, and i dont regret it as i wanted some cheap pants for rain.
    But that does'nt stop a manufacturer from putting a CE logo on a product to trick a consumer into buying something that may not be up to a standard they think they are buying... unless they know what they are getting into.

    To be honest when i picked up the pants, i already knew i would be wearing proper knee guards underneath them.
  7. I didn't know this, so thanks - I had been confused about what the CE amounted to when so much armour that I've looked at with it seems absolute rubbish, so it doesn't surprise me!
  8. I don't get too fussed, because for me it ultimately comes down to fit. If the armour is stiff enough and thick enough it will spread the force off your pointy bits (knees, elbows, shoulders) but only if it fits very nicely and doesn't move around leaving your joint exposed. Loads of CE certified stuff is rubbish for certain people due to fit, loads of non-CE stuff does just fine.
  9. The China Export symbol predates the euro CE protection label, if anything I'd blame the euro safety mob for choosing something so similar to an existing logo.

    Maybe the respective groups had access to the same font library when creating the logos?
  10. maybe they both paid too much money to the design bureau that came up with it.
  11. Do you have any actual evidence of that because from what I can find out is very vague and if anything points to an hoax???
  12. Like anything one wiki, take it with gain of salt. Anyone can out $h!t on there basically!!!!
  13. I came across a set of speakers at work when I was clearing out the store room of shit over the weekend that have the china export logo on them from when I owned a computer shop ages ago (the new but unsold stuff got shoved into the store room and some got sold and some just sat there).

    That was during the early 90's, I never saw CE logo euro gear back then but I did see cheap chinese computer accessories with it.

    I guess it's possible the euro label was around but not being imported to Australia, but at the very least the China Export label seems to precede the Euro label into the area where I live :)