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A wake up call on the Busa

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Noss Sarge, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I had just bought (Mr Busa) bike which coincidently was only a month ago now, I decide I'm going down the Great Ocean Road I leave at 4.00pm by the time I get from Point Cook to the first hairpin it was pitch black I think I might have been doing 80 when I came into the apex. I had one of those oh f$#@ moments but remained calm even though I had a front end lock up and rear end lock up and managed to get through the corner. I might add that old habits die hard especially emergency braking. The key when braking hard is to brake if wheel locks release and reapply which is what I did and walla! The other thing was it only had 110 k's on odo and tiures hadnt even been broken in yet which would possibly explain the ease at which I locked her up. Just the other day a tosser pulled out of servo about 100 meters in front of me in Altona Meadows I already had seen him before he had seen me anyway. I gave him the horn flashed lights and he looked at me and just kept driving in fact I think he was smiling:( so I told him a few home truths and kept on my mary way. So yeah I guess they are out there keep a look out.

  2. Good save mate :D It'd suck to be forced into joining the "how soon after buying did you bin your new bike" thread. What was the speed limit on the road that the servo was on? I had a few people pull out today at about the same distances at 70k, and had plenty of time to keep out of strife
  3. It was 50 its the servo on the corner of Merton street and central avenue in Altona meadows like he was looking at me as he pulled out into my path and im like F$#$@ $#$% ^%$# %$#$#$ $#$# anyway I got over it and kept on my mary way. lol
  4. Who's Mary?
  5. why the fook would you go down GOR, knowing it will be dark by the time you arrive?
  6. Well saved !!

  7. u r keen mate... i didnt push my.. gixxa 14.. bought in april... until my tyres had a least 500ks on them and did u flat spot the tyres
  8. Nah I didnt lock em up good and proper more like I felt it lock released brake and reapplied to regain control.
  9. Good question Dougz Ill get back to you on that lol
  10. About riding in the dark I don't see a problem with it, its just means you have to be more vigilant. I had to miss a roo by the way coming back the second week I went down there. It was on the cliff face and I'm like what the heck is a roo doing out here! Id ride in the wet but I don't want to get it dirty. lol
  11. riding in the dark? highbeams are there for a reason
  12. Not particularly effective around a TIGHT corner unfortunantly... that and you have (very) limited peripheral vision - which is a bit of a problem when there are roos around.
  13. Dude, is the Busa ur first bike? If so, congrats for having the balls.. But balls wont save you tho, small things like knowing your tyres arnet worn in, or taking a brand new bike that ur not used to up a road like the GOR (at night too) is risky business.. If thats what it takes for you to get ur thrills, good for you, but I'd rather grow old, enjoy 1000's of km's of riding, have kids, and not shit into a bag. And did you say a bloke pulled out 100m in front of u from a servo? And what? He's in the wrong? How fast were you going for that to be a problem? Oh yeah, thats right, your on a 'Busa, and 'Busa's are awesome for doing that type of thing. Anyway, ride hard, and watch those kangaroos.
  14. mate read the post be4 you start making assumptions.
    Maybe I should take my own advice slap;)
  15. Congratulations. You found out a Busa can't corner. Yay.
  16. from Point Cook to GOR and your tyres weren't scrubbed in???

    Did you buy concrete tyres off Fred Flinstone?