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N/A | National A view on motorcycles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by goff, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. I hope the other fools take notice of what this man is saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. a politician that makes sense? Nah, not possible! Let's hope that he can impact the thinking and the transport strategy going forward!
  3. Lucky bastard got into the Senate because of the name of his party and being at the front of the ballot paper. But hopefully now his got a voice hopefully he gets heard a bit. It's nice to have a socially progressive voice who isn't economically challenged.
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  5. A mixed bag of policies the LDP. Some good , some bad but he is at least talking sense on this topic and if he is heard by others in Parliament, on this topic at least, then that can only be good.
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  6. Yep, i noticed the pro cannabis stance as well Mick ;)
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    I dont think its a mixed bag, it all comes from the same idealogy that govt should stay out of peopleslives.

    They are consistent.
  8. I wish there was a party that sat somewhere between this guy and the greens. I hate it how everyone has to pick an extreme and no parties sit in the center. Why can't someone argue for a middle sized government, with moderate choice between public and private?

    Though this guy is probably the most consistent in beliefs out of all the parties. Freedom of everything.
  9. Thats the two big ones.

    They also pander for the majority, who arent motorcyclists
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    The problem with policies that reduce government interference you end up with US style health and education systems. Now I don't know about you lot, but if that is the alternative to what we have now, I'll stick with our current system.

    Sadly the fact is we (motorcyclists) are a minority. We are easily painted as 'the bad guy' and will forever be the governments go to guy when they want to be seen to be getting tough on road laws or crime.

    Will it ever change? I don't think so. Australia, unlike Europe and Asia, doesn't have a history of motorcycles and scooters as cheap transport. Motorcycles have, for the most part, been a 'luxury' or 'lifestyle' choice and our government policies reflect that.

    Try getting tough on lane filtering in Rome or Bangkok and see how well you get on.
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  11. Sounds good but common sense has no space in politics. It makes so much sense for this to happen, therefore nothing will change.
  12. The two major parties sit on the moderate to strong side of socially conservative. There is no party on the socially progressive side with at all moderate economic policies.
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  13. If all this shall came to pass, then God has truly made him self known O:)
  14. This is what irks me about politician bashing sometimes. If people don't like the guys they can vote for, get up and stand for election. But the people in this political group prefer to shrug their shoulders and blame the system.
  15. So instead of making an observation that there are no parties that represent me I should spend the next 2 years campaigning and all my life savings. Only to be shunted out because I don't have the funding or the backing and the pictures of me marching in chainmail on a fetish float in mardi gras surfaced.
  16. Mate, who'd recognise you in that gimp mask anyway?
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  17. *Note to self, don't post my pictures to NR when drunk.
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  18. I was making a general observation, but you have proved my point. Nothing will change.
  19. It is better to discuss it than not at all. There is a hole in the political market if there is anyone with political aspirations. I do not have those aspirations but its better to point out that hole than simply remain quiet. I can't be the only one who:

    Finds both the major parties stance on social issues such as, vehicle regulations, drugs, alcohol and cigarette taxes, border protection, marriage equality, euthanasia etc far too conservative and invasive.

    Does not want to run the country into the ground through the Greens socialism.

    Does not want the harshness of a libertarianism sink or swim free market economy.

    Good on the LDP as they provide an alternative to the strange paradox of a free market but staggeringly old fashioned Liberal party. I know many people who would sit ideologically right in this camp.
  20. I agree. But you missed my point.

    Why is no one in this political spectrum in parliament? You answered it perfectly. People of this political spectrum are just not as passionate and prepared to put themselves on the line, they only go as far as discussing it..