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A Victorian in Queensland...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vornar, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Hi all.
    Just returned from a ten day trip.
    I spent 6 days on the Sunshine coast, and 4 down on the gold coast.

    Ive gotta say i was shocked with the amount of riders wearing little to no protective gear? I counted 14 out of 20 riders at one point that were not wearing anything other than shorts and a t-shirt, they did have a helmet on of course.

    But, the highlight of the trip was when i saw two motorcycle cops in Maroochydore wearing short sleeve shirts while on patrol on their bikes. I mean what the???

    Where i'm from, you either HTFU and wear the propper gear in hot weather, or drive the airconditioned car.

  2. I'm pretty sure I've seen some squids down your way in summer, quite a few.
  3. Re: A sydney rider in sydney


    I'm from sydney and I visited sydney the other day and counted 75% of all riders squiding around. in fact, at one point I even squidded myself down to the shops ( about 3 km round trip ).

    I would like to pass on to all the sydney riders, where i'm from ( sydney ) htfu or face the consequences.

    -----end sh-tty sarcastic response--------

    hey vornar, did you notice the temperature difference, humidity, general lack of intelligence up there in QLD ( just kidding about the intelligence ).....but seriously, it's as hot as a muthaf-ker up there. thongs, boardy's and sleeves on your t-shirt are all considered ATGATT up there ( and joh was the greatest living QLDer ).

    personally i'd rather sweat than bleed. i see 10 million scooter riders here in sydney doing the same thing. :eek:hno::shock: c'est la vie!
  4. Im going to throw it out there and suggest most of the squidding was Gold Coast.

    Coppers in summer wearing TShirts is the norm. Not real professional swimming in your own sweat when you pull someone over is it? :p
  5. Holster, i'm sure there are squiders down here as well as i have also seen them, but not in the numbers that i saw up there.

    I realise its hot, i have spent a fair bit of time up there since my parents moved there, but surely the risk outweighs the benefits, yeah?

    I was really shocked to see the police officers in short sleeved shirts, surely workcover, (or the QLD equivalent), would have a field day with it.
  6. There is a valid argument that full leathers on a hot day increase a rider's discomfort, distraction, fatigue and dehydration - all increasing the risk of an accident where protective gear may actually be used.

    More comfortable clothing may prevent such accidents, but obviously does not offer the same protection in their instance.

    It is up to each individual rider to know themselves, their bike, and their gear after they fulfil the minimum protective clothing requirement of a helmet.

    The cops did experiment with light summer-jackets to set a 'fully covered' example, in NSW, back in the day - but one of them came off and the jacket was melted into their skin causing permanent disfigurement. After that: short sleeves, as they please, and leather jackets when it's cold.
    (also, Police never never never crash, and it's perfectly safe for them to speed coz they have extra training... but extra training doesn't make you a safer rider/driver, just more likely to take risks, because ummm... ahh... because... look over there! *bails*)
  7. LOL, i wasnt wanting to offend anyone, i was just shocked thats all. You may see one in 20 squidding down here and it just was strange seeing sportsbikes scream through traffic in shorts and a t-shirt. Although i must admit, the wankers on scooters seem to be the worst.

    and yes, i did the count while i was on the Gold Coast... Mostly younger looking riders, *stands back and waits for flaming*
  8. Where on the sunny coast did you see all these squids? I probably see 3 or 4 on a weekend but all the people I see on the commute are wearing all the gear. Edit: oh Gold Coast, yer squid city down there. However I'm sure they would have worn all of their gear if they had known a victorian driver was near them.

    Yes, the solos around here don't set very good examples. Summer jackets melting to skin? Sounds more like a failure of that particular make/brand of jacket than a general failure among textiles.
  9. Q: You know why motorcyclists who ride without gear are called "Squids" ?

    A: Because they are SILLY SAUSAGES!

  10. Summer: Check
    Squid Thread: Check

  11. i thought that it would be the gold coast.

    havent been there in years but can't you hire scooters by the truckload there? so all these tourists are renting and squidding when they ride between tacky nightclub to tacky nightclub
  12. Some of you guys are a bit over the top sometimes. Personally, I assess the risk of every ride I go on, and dress accordingly.

    Short ride in 60 zones, light traffic, mostly single lanes, nice sunny weather (like the gold coast :)), I might just chuck on a helmet. Feels great cruising along in shorts and shirt. Of course, you shouldn't intentionally do anything stupid (and like every ride, should be 100% switched on). Going for a longer and/or more spirited ride, I'll throw on the appropriate gear. I ride for the enjoyment (and assume most people here do too), and full leathers while cruising around the sunny gold coast would not be overly enjoyable.

    Although, if you're not confident, or are constantly thinking about coming off, maybe you should be wearing all your gear, all the time. One of my pet hates is the assumption that falling off a bike is part of riding. It is not.


    (flame suit on)
  13. Queenslanders are just slack. Yes, I've been there. They wear thongs to social occasions for crying out loud! :p

    An American company called MotoPort designed this Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket for the Hong Kong Police, designed for temperatures between 18 and 48 degrees.

    Joel S, don't assume you'll fall off your bike, assume you'll be knocked off!!
  14. Exactly. I read these forums every day, reading about people knocked off their bike and near misses. I usually dont fall off of it all by myself...

  15. Is it available without Eye-Murder Yellow? :grin:
  16. HA! God damn, that picture is funny. Where do you get these things?!
  17. Yes! Non-Police version here.
  18. Deleted. Pointless.
  19. OK....Born and Bred Gold Coaster here and I resent that comment about us wearing thongs to social events...depending on the people and the location i go BAREFOOT!! :D

    OK....I'm DEFINITLY not going to stand up for the jacka$$'s that wear no gear around the Gold Coast - my rule is ALL the gear ALL the time...worst thing I've ever done is wear tight nice jeans and FMBs down to the shopping centre one night because I wanted to go to the movies with friends and not have the bike boots and draggin jeans...And god did that feel weird and wrong!! - I know I know...isnt thats contradicting what I just said! That was ONE occasion.

    I see them at my uni all the time - they ride up in shorts, thongs and a singlet and hop straight of the bike...same with scooter riders..and im there in my boots etc feeling a little silly, but always look at them and think "
    What a shame that's such a nice bike and it belongs to such a fckuwit"..lol
  20. Outstanding. I may just order one! Thanks!