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A very excited new rider's 1st ride...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by I am the Stig..., Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Passed my L's a week ago and picked up my NSR150SP this Saturday :grin: from Peter Stevens Adelaide (excellent customer experience - thanks Mark) – rode it home with a lot of trepidation, but survived that first interaction with the cagers, traffic lights and even stalling at the lights on King William Street… :oops: Weather wasn’t appealing for a ride and I got it home 15 mins before the rain came in, so packed up for the day and put the new baby to bed under her cover – 5km was enough excitement for the day I thought…

    Sunday, went for a ride around the local back streets – well, after I learnt how to clear a flooded engine at least. After a few laps of the local wide-street suburb of Rose Park, I thought I was disturbing enough good folk and ventured up Kensington Road towards Penfolds without any dramas. Stopped at a mates house to show him the new arrival and also to arrange a ride that afternoon. Decided then to “follow my nose†for a bit, but didn’t get too far as I’d turned off the fuel valve and conked out next to a cop car (doh!) :oops: . That dealt with, headed up the old Norton summit road where there was no other traffic and took it all in, nice and slowly and riding “the paceâ€, all be it a very much reduced one! Got myself home for lunch (dealing with a “snake†in the garden which turned out to be a blue tounged lizard…) before heading up the same way with my mate, taking in Lobethal and a few places inbetween as well this time, him taking the lead. Either it was a case of doing the same road, having a fellow rider out in front or discovering the NSR power band at 7,000 to 11,000rpm, but “the pace†was suddenly a lot swifter and the journey seemed to take half the time! 150km were racked up in two rides and when I got off I had the biggest grin on my face!! I am well and truly hooked, love my little punchy bike (don’t tell the wife!). I trust it, it’s brakes, it’s engine and it’s handling (at least to the extent I can predict it) and now can’t wait to get out on our next weekend together again!! I rode lead on the way back and felt fully in control, did a decent pace but respected mine and the bike’s limits – I’m trying to abide by “the pace†(thanks to the people who posted that info up). :grin:

    Only minor drama I had out in the hills was gear selection – found myself with my bad cager habit of dropping two gears at a time. Luckily for me, the time I did it, the road was straight, but I still felt the back kick out a bit. I will not be doing that one again!

    To all those thinking about it, get out there and do it! I wish I’d done my test 10yrs ago and begun this affair that I really think will be part of my life for as long s I can “get me leg over†(again, best not to tell the wife about this one).
  2. Hi Stig,

    Sounds like you are having a ball!! Glad to hear you are riding with good intentions and feeling out your limits safely.

    All the best and btw... that feeling doesnt go away... which is the best thing! Every morning and afternoon i dismount with a huge grin :grin:
  3. Maybe you could get your wife a bike and grin together? :grin:
  4. Congrats on getting your Ls and purchasing your 1st toy!... I mean, two wheeled mode of transport :grin: . Sounds like you're having a great time and getting plenty of experience straight away. Good onya!
  5. Hehehe i got that same feeling when i jumped on my Aprilia RS125, that 7000RPM zone is a ripper! :grin:
  6. i love reading these stories.. makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and remember my first ride. man i need a bike.

    congrats and your first mate.. may they be many and long from here on in :D
  7. Never realized just how addictive this would get, am going to take her out on another date tonight – just round the suburbs, but didn’t think I’d do any after dark riding for a while yet, but have found myself unable to wait until Saturday to get out on her again (which of course I will be doing)! As I told my wife, it beats being a golf widow…

    Starlet – unfortunately the wife sees the bike as a passing fad, or at least hopes it to be… she’s been at the tough end of a car accident a while back so it took a fair bit of work to persuade her to let me do the L’s. It was also enough of a challenge to get her to sit on it stationery without the engine on to be honest, so not going to push the issue just yet, although it’s hard to hide the grin when I get back in from a ride, so she can see how much fun it really is out there!!

    Agreed, 7,000rpm is the magic number when I seem to turn from a very sensible figure to the naughty 7yr-old who knows he shouldn’t really, but heck it’s just too much fun…!!!! :grin: I’ll be keeping the revs down tonight I think. :wink:

    Brilliant little machine, not a single regret buying the NSR with it’s twin disc brakes, punchy engine, high pitched rasp (ok, squeal) and handling round the twisties – has anyone made the cross-over from one of these 125/150 2-stroker’s to a 600/1000? I can only imagine what the next jump up will be like, but the 14 or so months before I complete my R-date (assuming I pass the P’s) period will give me plenty of time to learn my craft and can seriously consider trying to convince the wife to let me bring a different one home – which I’d hope wouldn’t turn on me straight away….
  8. I agree - even commuting through Sydney traffice every day still gives you a grin... going to work is a bugger - getting there is great fun !!!

    And the weekends? Off up the coast to Nabiac and points west this weekend with any luck!
  9. Hey I am the stig..., hows the new bike going? Still loving the new adventure?
  10. Funny you should ask how it’s been going…

    I was having a great time last Saturday on a solo, riding up the twisties through Norton summit, Lobethal, Gumeracha and into the forests :grin: past the Toyota Rally (nice and slow – lots of police and spectators on the roads) and on to the “Birdwood straight†when I got a sudden jump on the rev counter :? . Wasn’t too enamoured by that, but rode on keeping an eye on things. Bike did the same thing on the hill into Williamstown, so I pulled over thinking the worst – couldn’t get the bike into 1st or 2nd – so called the dealership for some advice (I was clueless what to do at that point) and they suggested either to get a tow or to get the bike going again in 3rd and try and change down on the move. Pointed the bike downhill, gunned the engine and got going with a few splutters and took the shortest way home – down gorge road. Wasn’t the best of choices in hindsight, but by the time I got there, I had “found†2nd gear again. Riding down the frankly beautiful gorge road with one eye on my speed, the revs kicked in again and again – this time noticeably dropping a gear and dumping an extra 4,000 or so rpm out of the back wheel :eek: :shock: :eek:hno: – luckily for me, not on any corners, and I was going slow with the clutch covered ready for this eventuality. Got it back to Adelaide CBD in one piece (ish) and she’s now in the care of the mechanics (I’ve been told that 1st gear has gone to gear heaven since and 2nd wasn’t far behind) – so that ruled out Sunday’s ride!

    I’ve certainly had more than my share of fun on the little NSR up till now, but I’ve also had something more valuable in having to learn to listen to my bike and when she tells me it’s time to go home/stop - I’ll do exactly that from now on, and learning how to control tail slides and twitches up front, which will also be very useful no doubt. Must say that reading the really sad “rider down†thread from last weekend :cry: made me realise my vulnerability on the road and also thank my lucky stars I didn’t have one of the tail slides on a corner with anything coming the other way…

    Maybe I jinxed it calling the bike “Violet Elizabeth†- she really did "sqweam an’ sqweam until she made herselth sickâ€! :grin:

    Looking forward to getting back out on her when the new parts arrive – still got a big grin on my face, although the face was a little white on Saturday!
  11. Loved reading about your first ride mate !!!! well done.
    Hey .. at least you didnt wait til you were 46 before you found your 'mistress' hehe
    Ive had my learners 2 months now ... its a late blooming love affair !

    Take Care out there!
  12. What you should be doing when downshifting is "blipping" the throttle. What you do is pull the clutch in, give it a bit of throttle so the revs rise and go down the gear and let the clutch out. Practice it, and when you get a bigger bike then the NSR you'll be so used to doing it you won't have any problems with compression lockup (unless you forget...)
  13. hahah, yer the first ride on the road i so fun - especially in the hills :wink:
    I got my licence 4 months back - just one week after i turned 16 (so yes i am a young one on this website hahaha). at the moment ive got a KLX250 with zorst, bashplate, bars, and semi road tyres, but upgrading when i get my P's (2 months) to a KLX450R and making it a full motard :p

    Have fun
  14. Hope they're covering that under warranty!
  15. Yep – the gearbox is being repaired under the warranty, so no dramas there – PS are renewing the warranty period to start again from collection which is a nice touch :) . More disappointing will be the month I’m unable to ride – that’s a month less to practice for my P’s and a month worth of rego gone to waste. :(

    Still I’m in one piece – taking this as a valuable learning experience of what can go wrong. :eek:

    Thanks for the tip Ginji - I'll give that a try when I get the bike back.
  16. unlucky with your gearbox! That would suck!

    I totally agree with everything else you said though. The NSR is a great bike. Ive had mine for just over a month but only had my L's since tuesday (so about 2 days now). Have done a couple of hundred km's today and yesterday and hope to take it up to birdwood tomorrow morning if the weather is kind enough (not holding my breath tho).

    Hope you get it back on the road nice and quick!

  17. Stig... god i envy you.

    Very nice story, cool that you got a 2 stroke :)

    Hope to hear more soon.
  18. nice work stig!

    sad to hear the end of the box.. but better to bow out like urs did than to explode the bearing race at 80km an hr like mine did.. :p

    that was on my GPX tho, 110,000km on the clock.. so a well loved and ridden bike ;)

    come in one week to our coffee/beer/food night on wednesdays..

    drive in and look for the guys and gals in bike gear, or ride in and u will be waved at soon as u rock up :)

    enjoy the riding future!
  19. Del - sounds like your gearbox did what mine was trying to do.... Thanks for the invite, will take it up when the bike is back on the road - no doubt you'll hear me riding in well before I arrive! :grin: