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a very close call. on my cycle.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by patR1, May 3, 2010.

  1. Yes back on the road on two wheels but this time on a hybrid cycle.
    as public transport operates every 2 hours here at night lol - no i don't live on a farm, im in sydney.

    anyway on my way home , 2 jumpers as it does get cold at night.
    Full 6 led light at the front btw these things are excellent. and a red strobe flashing in the back so i a easily seen.

    traveling on a 50km/h residential area, approaching crossroads and i get this van from behind me overtake me just so he can run me off while he turned left into the crossroad, Lucky i braked hard and avoided him. Fu#en P later too.
    I dont get it. what was the point of that, If i did not stop would of been pancake .
  2. Why don't you put an engine on your pushie.

    I saw a bloke keeping up with traffic on the Great Western Highway. 70 k's an hour.

    I had a chat with him and he reckoned that the engine was not strictly legal - too big - but never any problems from the cops. Said his licence was suspended and he still rides 15 k's a day to work !!
  3. Just business as usual in the life of a cyclist....
    I've ended up in hospital twice and they give the same old "sorry but I didn't see you".
    The same old that many on this forum would have heard over and over......
    It's a two wheel thingy...
  4. i was thinking this, also got a spare 250cc yamaha 2 stroke engine equivalent power to a bloody 500cc say honda XR500/400 thing would be of its nuts.

    BUt to stay legal - cant afford to be pulled over again. i need and engine for the bike which no more then 220W = 0.27 hp something like this .
    thats just enough to power a light bulb.
  5. In VIC you are allowed no more that 200watts of power assistance on a bicycle. I believe NSW is the same but I may be wrong. That's good for about 25-28kph on the flat although motors (electric) can easily go a bit quicker than that.

    I currently work a few days a week for a company that's converting postie bicycles into electric powered. We fit 350watt motors to them but calibrate them down to 250watts. AusPost have a 50 watt exemption due to the weight of mail they need to carry.
    But at 350 watts, they're pushing you along at over 35kph on the flat.

    Put into perspective, a 50cc scooter produces well over 200 watts of power so your 250cc on a bicycle would require it to be registered....

    I went through a lot of this stuff a couple of years ago when Australian road authorities cracked down on power assisted bicycles as they were apparently becoming too fast.
    I suppose 70kph on a shared pathway can be a slight problem.....:?

    But then on the other hand, restricting a bicycle to 25kph is strange when I can easily cruise along at 30-35kph on my road bike, and the pros do a lot more than that!
  6. p.s every coppa i pass gets the birdie from me ! i just cant help it anymore..
  7. =D>

  8. This is why i never bothered with that power assisted stuff. I get to sweat more and go faster. Win-win!!! :LOL:
  9. Not4Resale, i rather be fit as well , plus with this new light bikes i do on a return trip 40-45km in a day - 23km each way and not even tired its amazing how a quality bike cuts down the effort compared to the Kmart one i had before.
  10. Maybe he recognised you from this forum.

  11. how fast can you go on that thing Pat?

    get busted for speeding on that and i really will be impressed...

    but i think "you can do it!
  12. Powered bicycle was my thought also on a suspended license. But cmon, keep your damn head under the radar. Flipping off cops all the time? Really? ](*,)
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    c'mon. i wanna read another hard done by story.

    [URL="]do it![/URL]