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A very casual 'please pull over, rider'.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeimbo, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Was riding to Moonee Ponds up Mt Alexander Rd on the other half's SV thou today. Had taken her bike as I was picking up some secondhand boots and I don't have a Ventura on my Gixxer.

    Anyway, I was approaching an intersection and noticed a rider had been pulled up by a police bike. I stopped at the lights and was looking at the pulled up rider's bike. Heard the cop say, 'hey mate, do you mind backing up and parking'. So I said 'yeah, okay' and did so. Waited for him to finish with the other dude then he turned to me and wanted my licence. Funny how you always think that you're going to get scrutinised to the nth degree but he just wrote my licence details down, asked a few questions about the SV and whether it was mine (those of you who know the bike will know why he asked that!!), talked about my Gixxer etc and then said seeya!

    I reckon it was convenient to have me pulled over like that for his stats but he was very cool, polite, only took 5 minutes and I was away. He did say 'might just park here and pull bikes over today' but he was gone when I returned 20 min later.

    There was no rego check, no 'start it up', no breatho or anything. Wish every check was that easy!

  2. The counter to this is…
    If you weren’t doing anything wrong, and there was nothing wrong with your vehicle.
    Then why pull you over?
    It really is a mild form of discrimination/intimidation/victimisation (Pic your word ending in “ationâ€)
  3. "Papers Please"
  4. Why did he write your license details down?

  5. Maybe he liked me?

    They always do. A record of who they've checked. We got bailed up in Emerald a few months back and everyone got piled on to the clipboard. Doesn't worry me. What bothers me is the nit pickers who are angry little men who go through the whole shebang and make life hard for you. If need be, police can put canaries on brand spankers. I justthought it was funny that I was daydreaming at the lighs and got pulled over. Any more casual and would've had the feet up!!
  6. Hahaha, yes ! Reminds me of a film I saw, many moons ago (called 'Firefox', good ol' Clint Eastwood) where a Russian Security Officer said (to Clint) 'Yur papes do not apearrr to be in orrrrrrrderrrrrr'... :)

    Mate, I believe the cops pull over motorbikes most of the time for a yarn and a perve ! Recently I posted about being stopped 3 times in one weekend (!) for a Random Breath Test, in different locations around Melbourne. On one of the occasions, they waved a rider on an older (no discrimination intended here!) bike through but stopped me. The next 4 min, after the breatho was a 'show & tell' session... Very amusing, I found.

    Bring on easy Police Checks. On one such RBT, a female rider wasn't so lucky :(
  7. We're coming into nice riding weather again so the coppers will be looking to catch unlicensed riders. They do it every year. I had a similar experience a few years ago and was on my way in no time.

    I'm all cool with it as long as it's not turned into a exercise to find fault and hand out tickets.

    What people forget is - cops are just people. Some are pricks some are legends. How's that different to the jerk in cubicle 11N and the hot babe in 17G? I expect good manners, not the other way around.
  8. :WStupid:
  9. This guy was very relaxed and there was no drama.

    Nickers, yeah I reckon he saw and heard the SV and thought it was worth a perve because it's a great looking and sounding unit. If he'd been a tyrant and gone through everything (and just being a time wasting twat) I would be posting with a whinge but I reckon it was p!ss funny waiting at traffic lights then having a rozzer say, mate, can you back up and park please??
  10. I wish that I had your sense of humor...

    However, what do you think he would've done if you said, "she's right mate, I've gotta be somewhere soon. See ya...." and rode off?

    I've had this out, time and again on here. And while people say that it's great that they do this cos it gets "unriders" off the road (it doesn't), it doesn't stop me from objecting to being detained just because I ride a bike.

    I should be clear, too, last time I had one of these licence checks was probably 15 years ago...
  11. I don't see anything wrong with these spot checks - there are scumbags everywhere, although I would imagine that perhaps bikes are pulled up more often just to break the monotany of staring at falcodores.

    Only feel this way after being stopped in Italy, I was a passenger in car and had my ID checked and quizzed for 20mins after having to wait 30mins for another officer to arrive that could speak English as my Italian was not really up to scratch. Compared to other parts of the world a five minute chat with a copper, especially this one, is nothing to worry about.
  12. I agree, its harassment. What if you don't have to time to stop and get harassed? I mean it takes about 5-10 minutes to stop, take gear off, earplugs, helmets, find wallet etc, then put it back on again.

    I don't see cops harassing cars as much, have you? when was the last time you saw them targetting cars only?

    Not fair.
  13. If it didn't inconvenience you, that's fine, but notwithstanding how polite the copper was, why the hell should you have to pull over in the first place? I take it from some of the above comments that the SV's got a bit of bling to it, but even if that is the case, he obviously didn't do anything that you would expect had that been his reason for pulling you over.

    I suppose you could justify it by saying that he was checking that you were properly licenced, but what had you done to suggest that you weren't?

    Bullshit, I reckon.
  14. Well, we're not in "other parts" of the world. This is Australia, a supposedly 1st world country, a democracy, free and all that....

    Thing is, we have very little that we can truly claim as being free. Speech and increasingly, the right to silence two such things.
  15. Hmm, maybe it's just me not feeling victimised. Maybe it's because he wasn't a pr!ck and didn't waste my time with any unnecessary checks or dramas.

    I've only been pulled up a couple of times and yeah they were bike specific and doing licence and rego. Didn'y worry me then and hasn't worried me today.

    Oh well, maybe I'm just easy going. That's cool. As far as cars are concerned, plenty of them get pulled up around here for having rims and pipes.
  16. No argument that at least he was nice about it, but it is just that thing that if you had places to be, and were not doing anything wrong, then the inconvenience sucks. If it was just to check out the bike it is abuse of power.
    If he was instructed by his superior to pull up bikes it is discrimination or harassment (Not actually by the cop who pulled you up)
    It is jus that thing of bikes being pulled up a lot more than cars for no reason that $hits me
  17. :WStupid:
    Why should I be inconvenienced when I haven't (and don't look like I have) done anything wrong. Genuine RBT excepted.
  18. Indeed.

    I'm sure some of the SS were otherwise nice guys just doing their job, but that doesn't mean it was the right thing to do.
  19. If you're riding a bike then, to some people, you do look like you're doing something wrong.
  20. Cops pulled my brother up late one silent night in Swan Hill:

    Brother goes to take his helmet off.

    Cop: "Nah, keep it on mate...can ya do a mono?!"

    I've been pulled over and checked once in the last ten years, I don't think this is such a big problem (or maybe I get left alone because they always think I'm riding a girl's bike? :shock: :?:)