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A Vent with a twist

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by VCM, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. This vent is being posted on behalf of the guy stuck in the left lane of slow moving traffic on Frankston-Dandy Rd this morning.
    I think it may amuse some.
    The discussion of riding in the rain/cold has come up in conversations I have had lately. And apart from the hassle of putting wet gear on, then spending 10 min trying to remove them.. I ENJOY riding in the rain.
    This morning made it all worthwhile.
    Coming up to slow moving traffic this morning, was in the right lane moving at a snails pace.. rain begun to pelt down. Driver to my left looks over and gives me a strange look, then rolls down his window to shout..
    "You must be bloody crazy.. here wanna smoke?" .. and laughs.
    Now I usually make it a rule NOT to filter in bad weather, but the opportunity was too good to let go. I turned to him .. pointed to my tank ... gave it the 'thumbs up" .. THEN proceeded to filter through LEAVING him stuck there .
    :LOL: :LOL:

    I wish I had a helmet cam

    BTW .. anyone notice the amount of hail on the road this morning.. for a sec I thought it was gonna snow
  2. filtering is dangerous blah blah
    Ok now that's over with

    LOL nice one. Wonder how he expected you to have a smoke though
  3. He was being a smartass about being able to smoke in a nice warm car, he gestured offering me the one he had between his fingers.
  4. hehe
    3 options I see in your case
    filter as you did.
    flick water at him from your glove
    jump off the bike and into the car
  5. :rofl:
  6. Then the cager can make a post on a cager forums - Some crazy biker jump in my car, made the seat wet and expected a smoke!!!
  7. :LOL: Love it. Riding in the rain can be a calming experience. The extra cool fresh air rushing in, the sound the rain makes on the helmet. The inevitable cager stuffing up and you're back far enough to have a good laugh :shock: :LOL:
  8. And he thinks you're crazy :LOL:

    Nice filtering Vinnie :wink:
  9. I took a smoke from a very hot lady in her convertible as i lane split past, she had her arm hanging over the door, and I couldnt resist... I only did it cos her friend flicked her lis ciggie out of the car, and it was about 38 degrees in summer. At the lights, i turned around with the smoke in my mouth (i dont smoke, and i had an open face helmet) and she and her friend were laughting their heads off. I thought they would be pissed off, but they wernet. I disposed of it in an environmentally safe way.
  10. lol!!
  11. I smoke in the car all the time, and flick the smoke out.

    I'd appreciate that notion, bloody hilarious!
  12. I ounce got clipped by a driver who was on the phone... At the lights, i reached into his car, snatched his phone, said "he'll call you back" into the speaker and tossed it back into their lap. he had nothing to say.
  13. Been tempted to do similar... except they'd be on a scavenger hunt for their phone on the side of the road.
  14. Careful what you say please
  15. :?
  16. OP, that's awesome... very very awesome...
  17. u can count on frankston-dandy rd to give some interesting moments when riding to/from work.

    good work vinnie, filtering is the key, especially along the bit leading up to that bloody round-a-bout.
  18. Starting to wish I had an open face helmet now :D