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A valuable undiscovered resource

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pebryant, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I literally stumbled across NetRider while googling bike accessories and can't believe I have not seen this before. I'm looking forward to having a poke around!

    I'm from the Hills District in Sydney and have finally got back into the saddle after too many years driving family cars and killing myself working all hours.

    I love being back on a bike even though I'm only a casual/weekend rider.

    My current joy is an FJR1300.

    I look forward to being able to contribute!

    Rgds, Pete.
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  2. gday PebryantPebryant and welcome to NR - a few of us in the vicinity of the Hills and a local meetup for rides is the Ettamogah so you're in the right spot. nice ride the FJR too Pete, welcome back to riding!
  3. Welcome mate. I'll see you around, I'd reckon :)
  4. Welcome PebryantPebryant ;) West by name and location here
  5. Welcome to the forum mate. Another hills resident here (Schofields).

    Watch the ride planning thread if you want to join some of the planned rides. Lots of useful /useless advice with people on here mostly harmless.

    Enjoy the ride!
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  7. Do you need some attention UG?
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  8. CAKE
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  9. Welcome mate :cool:

    Pretty close to the Hills district here too, most of us enjoy the odd weekend ride, another rider is always welcome :)
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  10. Me too, and welcome!
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  11. Welcome Pete. North Shore snob here - thought i'd give you another goal in life to aim for. Georgie is too bogan to be accepted here, and Andrew WestAndrew West got deported some time ago now (something to do with a jacket the story goes).

    Nice ride btw.
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  12. Could not bear the thought of being seen in snobville mate. Only pretentious wannaby pommie racers there.......
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  13. Truth be known I couldn't be stuffed building an Ark, as I predicted not only was 'winter coming' but also the great flood of 2016. Your place would almost be waterfront now hey LionzLionz :p.

    Thread derail finished continue as you were.
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  14. Welcome Pete, not a hillbilly but work there regularly.
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  15. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  16. Welcome along Pete.

    When I saw your post I first thought you were a Peter B that I recently worked with.
    But that's a different bike and slightly different Sydney location.
    Anyway, find a comfy seat and enjoy the banter.
    Oh, and occasionally mention something about bikes...
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  17. and coffee, and pics of bikes/coffee/big things - sometimes we ride too! :cool:
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  18. Thats your answer for everything! Lol
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  19. welcome aboard :)
  20. Welcome Peter. The Hills are nice and near some good rides!!!