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a tyre place in sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by sbb, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Anyone know a tyre place in sydney where I can get,

    - Advice on tyres
    - 140 and 110 17 inch tyres
    - don't need to pay up front on tyres with a long order wait, with no advice

    I have tried two big name places so far, both claim in ads to have ALL tyres in stock and have tyre experts, fitting while you wait etc. Then when calling them I have to explain in detail about what a motard is and that, no, i don't want nobby tyres. (for one it took ages to convince them that although they aren't a yamaha dealership that they probably can still fit tyres to one, yes this did happen, in the end they could only suggest a non-existent yamaha dealership)

    So anyone know a place that ACTUALLY has a clue?


  2. I use Northside Motocycles at Artarmon,on the Pacific Hwy.I am king of oddball tyres and they have found what I wanted,you will probably need to order them and put a deposite via a card but nobody stocks the oddball stuff.I usualy take the wheels in and pick them up in the arvo.Let us know how you go.BTW the oddball stuff I was after was a BT92 Bridgestone,the only rear radial made in a 140 and a Pirrelli MT43 Radial Trials tyre,not your avarage Pilot Sports
  3. give Whitey a call at White's Racing Products. He's pretty switched on.
  4. Balmain Tyres
  5. Balmain Tyres +1
  6. +1. Craig White is in Ingleburn and doesn't charge for fitting tyres to the bike.

    Top bloke, and knows his stuff.

    The guys at Balmain Tyres are nice chaps too though.
  7. thanks .. have gone with trusty Northside in the end. Usually go there for any work on bikes (plus is convenient as near work). thought there might be another option out there but is getting clear that my motardness is still too rare here ;)

    Balmain tyres .. even they don't stock 140s and said i would need to pre order something and have it done mid week .. so too much hassle.

    northside said they have a few options in stock :)

    will keep Craig White in mind.

    cool bananas

    sbb who know knows that the word 'all' when regarding tyre advertising means 'if you have a common sized one'
  8. You just missed the fine print:

    "WE HAVE a smALLrange ofTYRES IN STOCK"
  9. balmain tyres - Just get in early on Saturdays.

    Very well priced too!

    Hint: Get 90 degree valves!