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a* type of glove

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Hi guys - hopefully within the next 3-4 weeks will have some gloves available

    Not 100 % guaranteed yet so don't get upset if it doesn't happen

    As some of you know I try to give a great product at a great price

    not because I am greedy and want a yacht - but rather to pay my way through University - the motorcycling communities support is much appreciated by me.

    The style may look familiar to you, people have told me they remind them of the A* style - shrugs I can neither confirm nor deny that

    I will say they do not have the A* branding on them

    anyway these wont break the bank I assure you

    colours will be black/white

    and most likely full black

    or a red/white
    or a blue/white

    It would be helpful to me if people would give some feedback in respect to most popular colour combos

    send me a pm if you may be interested and I will give you a ball park figure

    If all goes well will do the same as the jeans and offer a pair up for a prize n a competition

    Thanks people

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  2. I like Black/White and full black coloured gloves. You can put me down for a pair as I need a set of gauntlets (apparently I can't use my shorties at the track)
  3. what are the insides like? warm? stitching good?

    i am going to buy a new pair of gloves at the end of the year or early next year, so put me down as one for the future.
  4. waiting to see and assess a pre production sample - will advise in due course

    As people here know I would never stock something that's rubbish or that I would not wear
  5. Hey bro count me in for an all black one.
  6. Black/white or all black.
  7. Here's the specs

    Drum dyed leather
    internal kevlar lining and kevlar stitching
    comfort stitch on fingers ( no internal seams)
    pre curved fingers
    double closure wrist
    plastic gauntlet
    plastic knuckle and finger protection
    perforated finger gussets
    3rd and 4th finger bridge
    synthetic suede palm reinforcement
    keprotech ( Schoeller ) palm and wrist enforcement
    perforated panels for ventilation
  8. should do me a package deal with a helmet :p
  9. + a pair of kevlar jeans
  10. if you can make them in my size sure :p Dragin and shift etc. think all motorcyclists are sticks
  11. I can make any size - just takes longer
  12. Have you done any more leather jackets apart from that prototype that I think you sold to a CR member?
  13. not yet - they are still on the cards

    I have the jeans side all sorted now
    The helmets are my priority at the momment
    the gloves are not a complex issue

    then as soon as the helmets are sorted will get back into the jacket design

    he had a big stack ( hid a guard rail and went unconscious) and was wearing my gear -- came out with no problems and was very happy - still has the battle scared jacket - he will continue to use it

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  14. speaking of your helmets, have you used a shoei xr1100 before, i had one that i staked in and was going to get another until i seen yours, if they are similar comfort levels that would be awesome
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  17. Yep, they are an almost exact copy. The "GP Pro" is the Alpinestars model name - the top of the range racing glove. The model name is still even in one of the pics - the triangular panel next to the knuckle protection.

    Not saying they aren't just as good, may even come out of the same factory... but they are definitely a rip-off.

  18. Meh, if they look the same, do the same thing and more than likely made by the same people but are a lot cheaper.

    I know which ones I'd choose!
  19. as I said these gloves will NOT be A* branded - :)

    which is evident on the guantlet
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