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A twist of the wrist question.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by reeza, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls,

    Just out doing some shopping and spotted A twist of the wrist 2 on sale so I picked it up.

    I've never read any of the books before. Quick question, Do I need to read ATOTW 1 before I read 2? Is it worth getting it anyway? Does it make it better to read 1 first?


  2. not having read either book, I can't really say, but commonsense would suggest yes..read 1 then read 2...sorta like crawl before you walk. :)
  3. IMHO, I found TOTW 2 more easy to understand than TOTW 1. Keith seems to have his own terminology that takes a little effort to come to grips with.
  4. I found it REALLY HARD to read the first one......
    Terribly boring and my attention span for boring stuff is about 3min. :oops:
    Just read the 2nd one. I'm sure you will learn a heap anyway. :wink:
  5. #1 is crap, totally focused on racetrack riding. Totally useless unless you're riding the same set of corners over and over again. Forget about it.

    #2 is brilliant, focuses far more on machine dynamics, throttle control, traction management - and the best stuff of all, dealing with "survival reactions" that make you automatically do things in high-adrenaline or emergency situations which actually upset the bike even further.

    Forget the first book, read the second. It's the sort of thing you should probably read a chapter of each week, and spend the week trying to work on and internalise that chapter. It's a great book to read again and again.
  6. Totally agree with Loz. I have only read the 2nd one and noticed an improvement straight away by implementing his suggestions one at a time.

    Well worth the money.

    I haven't seen the DVD version though. I sort of thought it would be easier to understand with the visuals. Has anyone have an opinion of this?
  7. The DVD is absolute, unmitigated toilet and should be avoided at all costs.
  8. This is exactly what I heard, and what I noticed from flipping through.
    Its about time I actually bought and read the book I suppose.
  9. The Authors not to TOTR 2 reads

    "The 10 years since the publication of the first TWIST book have been exciting ones for motorcyclists. That volume was my first attempt to create a technology* of riding: I knew there was one, it was simply a question of finding it. And TWIST has been well received worldwide, mainly because it provided riders with a format for discovery and thinking about their riding; it was a useful first step.
    But TWIST OF THE WRIST VOLUME II contains more real riding technology than TWIST I and it addresses the source of our classic rider problems. Let me tell you what I mean by real riding technology."

    So yeah go straight for twist 2. Must admit, still haven't taken the effort to properly read either. One day....
  10. i read TOTW2 before i got my l's and found it meant nothing to me. reading it again recently after riding for a while it really opened my mind up.. its really street focused and is alot more applicable to every day riding.
    having never read the first one, i didnt think i missed anything i needed to know what the second was talking about.

    thanks for the DVD review loz.. i was gunna pick up a copy, will avoid it now.
  11. Thanks Loz, can keep some of my moolah in my pocket (for a little bit longer anyway) :LOL:
  12. Where can one pick up this book? Seems like it'd be essential reading for a noobie rider like myself
  13. You can buy direct from California Superbike School.
  14. TOWT1 is a racers manual, but I thought reading it was worth the effort, coz riding technology is riding technology - whether it's track or road. The wide view awareness thing is gold. I use it all the time.

    TOTW2 on the other hand is all gold. Every page is real world riding/rider useful stuff.

    One of the main points behind either book is how to ride a mc whilst interfering with it the least possible way. That actually means most people have to re-learn to ride. It's well worth the effort.

    By the way, much of the road going stuff has been distilled by Steve Brouggy here

    The books are available from Superbike school, from Borders [where I got mine], and of course, Amazon.
  15. Thank you all for the replies.

    Just from general searching around here and googling that's what I was thinking, even with the authors comments in the start of the book, I just wanted to double check before I started.

    But I started anyway, and let me just say that so far the book is fantastic. The survival reactions stuff is the ducks nuts. I think this book was a great buy and will help me a lot in throttle control while cornering.

    Cheers Again. rEEzA.