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A trip to Bhutan (with pics)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by missmakeupgrrl, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. I just got back from a trip to Bhutan for my brothers wedding. I thought some people might be interested in some pictures - as there isn't a weath of information available about this lovely place.

    Its a small country in the eastern Himalayas, run as a Kingdom. Its referred to as 'the last shangrila', as Bhutan is largely a Buddhist country. It has to be some of the nicest kind hearted people i've ever met - and you can tell its a country that measures its wealth by 'Gross Domestic Happiness' rather than 'GDP'. They only allow 21,000 people in per year- and they dont really want an increase on this as they want to retain their culture and beauty.

    The natural beauty of the place is amazing, and hopefully you'll be able to see some of this through my photos. (although photos NEVER capture the true beauty of nature)

    Enjoy :)


    This is a view out the plane as I was leaving, of the Himalayas.


    This is a 7000 year old temple - I took a photo of this curved wall because I thought it was amazing that something so old, and technically imperfect had stood the test of time.

    This is Paro, a small village. It had the clearest stream running through it that I have ever seen.

    This is Tigers Nest - its a monastery for Monks high high in the rocks mountains. It almost killed me doing the trek to this place (but thats because im unfit! Nothing like knowing you can't get airlifted back to safety as a motivator)

    A traditional Bhutanese dance done at their wedding reception

    A couple of monks, peering down at us;


    And of course, because this is Netrider - a motorbike. Im sorry, I could only find Hyo's!
  2. I envy you dramatically.

    When I look at the stressful life we live at present, how good to look out a window, and see that scenery!

    Any background on why your brother got married in such a place?
  3. The background is that his wife fell in love with Bhutan about 3 years ago, and she has been putting off getting married because of the expense. Her family were coming from South America, and she just decided instead of having a pricey Australian wedding that she's rather Buddhist ceremony in a place she adored.

    In short, I just most explain that they're hippies (or more accuratey 'bobo' which is like a rich hippy, in French!)
  4. Thats some aesome views there ;) , damn those rich hippies and al their money :LOL:
  5. I wanna be a 'bobo" Nice pics by the way.
  6. monks always get the best realestate.. lucky pricks.