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A Tribute to 3 & Vodafone Australia

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Kermie, Apr 30, 2011.

  2. That is brilliant. I am with vodafone and they fully suck ass. Went with them for the "Value" unfortuneatley I am not able to hold a conversation. Then again who needs reception right. As long as you pay your bill on time they are happy. Being able to speak with someone over the phone is over rated...
  3. i was with Voda for 14 years, switched over to telstra few weeks ago, best thing ive ever done
  4. I should get a Vodafone number and keep it exclusively for the In-laws?

    "I can't ....... you. ....ping out. I'll ... her to call you .ater......"
  5. Same situation, with Vodafone for 8 years, switched to Telstra 3 weeks ago.
    Areas I thought just had no coverage at all I am getting at least 2 bars on the iPhone. No more dropouts around the house etc.
  6. I never had any issues with Telstra.
  7. Yep phone with voda and previous wireless internet with 3. Bunch of turkeys. Have switched my wireless internet to Telstra best value ever - speed and reception 1000 times better, more that makes up for the few extra dollars I have to pay for it. Now just to wait out my voda contract and pi$$ them off too.
  8. I've been with 3 for ~8 years, haven't had any issues at all
  9. mmm, over many years I've used them all, been with 3 for the last couple of years and had no troubles at all; if I'm out of their area the phone roams to Telstra, (which it does two days of the week) but it doesn't seem to cost any more than normal
  10. I am with Telstra purely for reception,
    I can get a call when no one else can,
    Work related, I get to out of th way places,
    I can see the tower from my place,
    3 and orange dont work here,
    As a company, Telstra sucks big time,
  11. I want those 5 minutes of my life back. Only point i laughed was at the Missing sign on the power pole at 4:05.

    Otherwise, I must count myself lucky then that ive had good luck with Voda.
    Sure i get a bit impatient when i need to talk to customer service (1hr on the phone to talk to someone), but ive always got everything sorted out no problem despite the wait, so i cant complain tooooo much there.

    Still, when Telstra gets their act together and gets current models of phones when they are released rather then months later to get their own receivers in it... then ill be going back there lol.
  12. That's not all they have to do; my brother and I have (seemingly) identical Android phones. Mine (on 3) has been upgraded to Version 2.2 for months; Telstra tell him that there's no upgrade available, or that they don't support the upgrading of the phone (depending on who he talks to)

    their coverage might be the best but they sure hate their customers
  13. This would be hilarious if it wasnt so depressing that im locked into a contract with these bastards.
  14. Very easy to get out of it, I was 3 months in my contract, pissed them off and went to Telstra
  15. imho,
    Australians were definitely duped when it came to privatising telstra (telecom australia).

    further proof occurred to me when i was driving through a town.
    i looked up and noticed mobile towers in all directions.
    why so much overlap here,
    whereas when i am riding through small out of the way towns it is potluck as to wether i will get reception.
    then it occurred to me that, through their phones bills,
    Australians have paid for all this infrastructure,
    yet individuals only have access to about a third of it.

    the deal should have been brokered on behalf of Australians that roaming was the norm, and telcos could pick up the cost.

    the only competition that exists is in the marketing and billing.
    so as consumers we collectively pay for three times the admin,
    but typically have access to a third the infrastructure.

    yet we get caught up in all the glossy marketing hype when it comes to which model phone is bundled with a contract and perceive we are benefiting from 'competition'.
  16. How did you get out of the contract Goz?
  17. 2 months left on my 3 contract then I will be walking straight into a Telstra store.
    This video is not only funny, but true.
  18. Am with VODA out here in Wagga Wagga. Get more reception driving accross the Hay plain then driving up the Hume. Rung them gave me 3 months free but doesnt help when you are a emergency service worker and that their reception has gotten worse, But they assure me that there is no problem. Even though even now it can take 2 to 3 hours for a text to come. Wouldn't be so bad but they dont understand I need my phone as that is how I am responded out to person trapped
  19. Ring them up, tell them you signed up for a service you are not recieving, as in call drop outs, no service and slow internet, delayed sms, your not happy yadda yadda, you will ring the ombudsman to get released from the contract and move to telstra

    They will then do a investigation on your phone service, ring you back in a few days and ask what do u want, u say u want to be released from the contract, they will then send out a express envelope to send the phone back, go to telstra, get new phone and new contract, send voda's phone back

    If they ring back and say we dont see a problem, then say ok, thanks for your help, i will ring the ombudsman now, if it ends up with you ringing the ombudsman, he will ask what outcome do u want, u say, i want out of the contract

    Or ring the ombudsman first and see what the say
    1800 062 058

    I was with Voda for 14 years, best thing i did was move to Telstra
  20. The Telecommunication Ombudsman is a great source for dealing with these problems.
    A family member called recently due to an existing (unhappy) Optus contract.
    Plan was cancelled instantly and without any hassles switched over to another service provider. That easy.