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A trend i've been noticing...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ShadowGT, May 21, 2011.

  1. Not sure if it's just me but i've been seeing alot of shift & factory works on sports bikes lately. Was driving to werribee with a friend the other day & i must of spotted atleast 6 or 7 guys over the course of the day riding sports bikes all dressed up in their high visibility work clothes (not sure how safe that is). they weren't wearing high visibility riding leathers it was literally just stuff like fluro yellow high vis jumpers, work pants & work boots. has anyone else noticed this trend?

  2. that's been fairly common for the past few years at least, i've noticed.

    nothing new?
  3. So what Shadow, who gives a shit what other people are wearing, just worry about yourself
  4. Oh has it? I've only really just started noticing it. I personally think they look like tools. but i guess it makes their bodies easier to identify if they crash. all the police have to do is look at the company logo on the shredded work clothes.
  5. shadow, why care what others wear when they ride? ride your own ride and leave others to do the same
  6. well at the moment all i really can do is ogle other peoples rides till i build up the funds to get my own and my license. I guess you just notice this stuff when your unable to ride yourself lol.
  7. More Beige infiltrating Netrider.
    I propose that we have a Beige forum and leave it at that.

  8. Best you worry about how you ride when or if you eventually get on a bike and not worry about what people wear.

    You are the reason Boris writes articles
  9. Can we?
  10. those hi-vis stuff make great cheap rain gear..............ive been caught in huge downpours before and they kept all the wet stuff outside. Ive tried motorcycle overalls and was left less than impressed.
  11. back to the x-box shadow, there you can select whatever colours you like....
  12. um whats with the hostility all of a sudden? i make a simple observation i've noticed & i get all these people coming in & basically saying i should mind my own business.
  13. Squidthreeeeaaaaaaddddd!!!!!
  14. Buy a Ducati-the wet stuff wont be outside.

  15. cause its been done on these forums to death, search squid and watch what comes up
  16. company logo means they got it for free.
    if somebody gave me a free rain coat i'd wear it. i don't care what colour it is.
    rain coats are great for flashing cagers your penis.

  18. cos of these words:

  19. You don't have a bike, not even a license, and you make a thread about what people wear. Then you follow it up with an offensive statement about shredded clothing and identifying bodies, as well as referring to people who ride to and from work in work clothes as tools.

    Basically, if you don't like copping flak, you should mind your own business and keep your opinions on gear to yourself. Even if/when you do actually get a bike and start riding.
  20. but welcome anyway :D